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Education Industry Using USB Flash Drives

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin15 October 2015

College professors in the education industry know that when preparing to teach their courses, they need to provide their students with a handful of supplement reading materials and a course outline; generally known as a syllabus. In the past, these were printed and handed out and/or purchased from the college book store. However, more professors are learning that with the advent of USB drive duplication technology, they can save the paper, ink and printing costs associated with creating and handing out physical reading materials simply by duplicating the reading content on to affordable USB drives using USB duplicator technology. Hundreds of flash drives with electronic, searchable PDF files related to the course content can be duplicated and handed out to the students for a fraction of the cost to print. It can also be done on day 1 of the class, consistently making sure every student has the needed course outline from the start. What better way is there to distribute ever-changing course content every semester to their students? And of course the experts at GotMedia have the duplicators and media that college educators need to help support them!

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