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DVD DLHawksM15 April 2009

Dual layer DVD, DVD+R DL technology is changing the way businesses, consumers, and home users can archive and store their data. Dual layer DVD (DVD+R9) technology first debuted in October 2003 and got released to the popular markets about a year later.

What makes dual layer DVD recording different? Essentially, with single layer discs, you’re limited to storing data on just one layer. With dual layered discs, on the other hand, you can store information on both a first layer (which is semi transparent) AND an underlying second layer. In other words, you almost double the capacity of the DVD+R. The industry standard single layer DVD+R, for instance, holds 4.7 GB; whereas a dual layer disc has a capacity of 8.55 GB.

Most popular DVD recorders and players are compatible with dual layer DVD technology. However, if your computer or optical disc drive is relatively old (2004), you may have some compatibility issues. Check equipment manuals for DVD+R DL compatibility before you purchase dual layer DVD discs.

A little confusion from time-to-time causes customers to ask “which version do I chose +R (plus) or –R (minus)?” With dual layer DVD the +R (plus) format is the more popular version, whereas with single layer DVD, the –R (minus) format is the more popular version. As for the brands, Verbatim tends to be the most popular for DVD+R DL (Dual Layer) and both Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim brands are the most popular for DVD-R (single layer).

Given that the dual layer recording layers are not continuous (obviously), there can be a very slight delay when you transition from the first layer to the second layer. This pause is completely normal and does not mean that the disc is not working. The laser that reads and writes the data will actually focus on the different layers and that is what causes the delay. Most packaging will explain this upfront.

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