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DVD Video Evidence in Court

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin16 October 2014

Digital media plays a role in many court cases, texts, emails, video, etc. and private investigators know this better than anyone. So when out in the field, shooting video of able working people fraudulently on disability for example, many PI’s know now that if a DVD of the video is going to be submitted into evidence, it cannot appear to be edited, and the date and time needs to be burned into the video by the actual camera; not added later. This gives the best chance of the evidence not being dismissed due to the possibility of tampering. Lawyers do not want to supply key evidence on cheap DVD-R media either, as the judge may not want to wait to see evidence on another day if the DVD has errors or wont load properly. This is why GotMedia offers the highest quality of DVD-R media products to private investigators so they can burn their captured video footage on to reliable discs to archive or submit as credible evidence.

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