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DVD-R Blank Media In Orange County

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin11 June 2015

GotMedia offers multiple products but one of our focuses is providing our customers the very best in DVD-R blank media in Orange County. Since we also have a lot of experience with DVD duplication and replication services, we know what good discs are and we know what the best discs are. In our time, we have found the best blank media companies in the world and have chosen the top few to help service your needs. Verbatim, MAM-A, Ridata, JVC are just a few of the top brands that we carry. Verbatim is recognized as one of the top disc makers in the world. For 30 years, Verbatim has been the most reliable. MAM-A which used to be known as Mitsui, makes very high quality recordable media products for DVD and CD-R disc needs. They hold several worldwide patents on one of the key components involved in the recordable disc manufacturing process. Ridataa blank media in Orange County is known for its high recording capacity, high data transfer rates, and long term reliability. These are key factors to consider when you are looking for a brand as a great choice for your DVD-R recording. Lastly, JVC, formerly Taiyo Yuden, which was founded in 1988, made the very first CD-R recordable disc. What better company to go for expertise! This Japanese company has continued to lead the DVD-R/CD-R industry with innovation and quality. JVC actually developed a scratch resistant surface for their DVD-R discs which is vital in high quality.

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