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Disc Media in 2016 – Going Strong!

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin04 January 2016

The use of recordable disc media is still going strong in 2016! I’m sure you’ve seen the various music compilation CDs and DVDs for sale on TV commercials as well as the usual specialized documentaries, biographies and of course all of the New Years resolution work out DVDs! In the corporate world the use of optical media is also still present with various distribution of training videos, user manuals, PDFs, new product demos, software testing, etc. just to name a few. Disney, like Clear Channel, is a long-time client that works with GotMedia for it’s quality archiving media solutions. Disney has a multitude of properties and titles that need to be archived in a clean and reliable way. Imagine the importance of having a clear record of every recording for historical and artifact purposes for a company such as Disney. That is where GotMedia comes into play – we are able to provide Disney with blank DVD-R media in Orange County.

We are letting you know about our top clients not just to showcase our reliability and capability of handling large clientele but also to give you an idea of how you can use blank DVD-R media. With all of the digital cloud services available today, physical media is still the most reliable and popular choice among professionals and one the reasons that blank CD and DVD media is still going strong in 2016!

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