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Disc Duplicators On the Hook for Securing Licenses to Protected Music

CD DVD DuplicatorsHawksM23 December 2010

You’ve got your company name, you’ve got your equipment, you’ve even got you your first customer. You’re ready to do business. Only problem is your first client is asking you to duplicate a disc that incorporates licensed music and your client doesn’t have the proper paperwork.

It happens all the time. And sometimes, CD duplication and replication companies proceed regardless.

Don’t be one of those companies.

You could be liable for thousands of dollars in penalty fines resulting from non-compliance of the Fairness in Music Licensing Act.

The ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers) and BMI (Broadcast Music Inc.) are responsible for protecting music licenses on behalf of music creators; between the two, all commercial music licenses are accounted for. The organizations’ sole responsibility is collecting license fees on behalf of musicians, songwriters, composers, and publishers.

As the party potentially accountable for reproducing licensed music, you need to know your responsibilities and those of your customers. Almost all commercial music is licensed and will require a copy of the license agreement before you can copy or replicate a single CD or DVD legally.

License costs will vary depending on circumstances of use, including the nature of use and the frequency of duplication, and while it is your customers’ responsibility to obtain the necessary license rights, you are vulnerable to litigation without the proper paperwork in hand.

In some cases, unfortunately, you may need to be prepared to outright refuse to complete the job.

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