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Disc Duplication Company Takes Being Green to the Next Level

duplicationHawksM21 May 2010

Recycling programs have been in place in the United States since the 1970s. For the last 40 years Americans have continued to find additional outlets to recycle their electronics, including cell phones, computer batteries, and printer cartridges. And as the use of CDs gives way to MP3s, several companies, including Precision Disc Manufacturing Corp., are now providing CD and DVD recycling services.

Unwanted CDs and DVDs as well as their cases can be sent to Precision Disc Manufacturing, a British Columbia CD and DVD duplication company, to prevent discs from ending up in landfills.

Just pack your unwanted CDs and DVDs in a cardboard box marked “for recycling” and ship the box to or drop off the box at Precision Disc Manufacturing. You’ll be responsible for the cost of shipping, but you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that your unwanted discs won’t go to complete waste. Precision Disc says there’s no problem with scoring or damaging the discs if you’re concerned about information security.

Disc cases must be sent in a separate box, and all inserts should be removed.

“We’ve been putting a strong emphasis on utilizing environmentally-friendly equipment, materials and processes for quite some time, said Precision Disc Manufacturing Vice President Bruce Durnie. “We don’t just talk-the-talk when it comes to being environmentally responsible so we’re always looking for new ways to enhance what we’ve already put in place and this DVD CD recycling program is a good example of our efforts to make a difference.”

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