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Designing on Silver Ink-Jet Disc Media

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin20 August 2015

Graphic designers are taught to utilize the “canvas” of whatever the target media or print surface may be for their designs; billboards, paper, boxes, POP display packaging, TV monitors, etc. This is one reason why many of our creative clients choose silver inkjet disc media over discs that have a traditional white flood. Not only is the media typically more cost effective, the silver reflective surface also offers a reflective sheen that the white discs do not offer; and that negative space for many designers is just the thing that helps make their disc face design stand out over the rest. For example, something as simple as a 2D flat logo design, printed on silver ink-jet disc media can result in a very impressive, powerful and strong design to accompany the rest of their high quality first impression type packaging design. So for your next “knock it out of the park” media design project, consider the advantages that the silver print surface can offer for your design!

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