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Cute USBs Make Great Stocking Stuffers

Flash Memory, Special EventsNancy Woo16 December 2011

The ho-ho-ho holidays are upon us. And that means this string of blog posts are all about some great gift ideas.

We’ve already covered the excellent, thoughtful gifts you can make at home with some CDs, DVDs, high quality photo paper, a good printer and a little creativity. We’ve also given some pointers on making personalized Christmas cards from home. And now, how about some stocking stuffers?

The kids love to see their previously empty stocking filled to the brim with joyous gifts from Santa. This year, why not let Santa surprise them with cute, adorable, fun mini USB drives? Even the youngest darlings are using computers, on their own and at school, and the world of technology is only growing. School projects, essays, reports and videos are all going to be the stuff of evening homework, and giving the gift of a fun USB will not only delight them, it will also prove very useful in storing and transferring media files. And as a parent, who doesn’t love fun and practical?

USB flash drives are preferred to CDs or DVDs for storing information, especially for young ones. USBs are re-writeable, which means data can be stored, deleted, and stored again, a countless number of times, and they’re small enough to fit in a pocket. Most also come with a keychain so they’re hard to lose. And the thing about USBs that turn them from a boring storage tool into a fun, lovable toy is the wide variety of shapes, colors and characters they come in. Shopping around is sure to uncover the perfect drive for your recipient’s personality.

From cute to funny to glam, here are just a few suggestions, of the many, many types of fun USB drives out there:

For Sanrio lovers, the Hello Kitty USB drive:

For chocolate lovers, the Hershey’s USB drive:

The watermelon USB drive:

The fortune cookie USB drive:

Cute little panda USB drives:

For the glitzy glam girl, the jeweled USB drive:

For the Alien lover, an Alien USB drive:

For the comedian, the funny USB drive:

Giving the gift of a fun USB drive is sure to make them smile. And the best part? Because it resembles a toy more than a tool, the kids are sure to keep them close, making them less likely to be lost than any of the traditional flash drives. You’re sure to find the right one to stuff that stocking with.


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