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Converting Home Movies to DVD-R

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin05 October 2015

Let’s not forget to face that many of our precious family home movies that currently reside on old VHS, Hi-8 cassette or mini-dv tape formats aren’t getting any younger; and it may be time to finally convert those one of a kind family movies to DVD-R media for safe, longtime archiving before it’s too late and the tapes deteriorate! There are companies that offer these services, but honestly, they are usually way too expensive for what you can do it yourself for! You can use the original camera if you have it, or a stand-alone deck to source the video tapes, then connect the output cables either into a DVD-R recorder deck or your computer. Mac users usually use Final Cut Pro software to capture and digitize the video which makes a nice QuickTime file to use for cropping, editing, etc. You can then burn your own collection of videos on to DVD-R discs. Finally, the media you choose does matter – you want to be sure you are using quality media to ensure your videos are safe and archived properly for the long-run. There are also all kinds of DVD-R media types, including different surfaces for labeling or printing. To get started on converting your home movies yourself, be sure to talk to the experts at who can make sure you have the right equipment and media to get the job(s) done right!

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