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Concert Choirs Holiday CDs

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin15 December 2014

It’s that time of year again! Concert choirs for middle schools, high schools, colleges, Churches, etc. everywhere are getting into the spirit of Christmas and putting on their annual Holiday concerts in their communities. A lot of rehearsals and hard work can go into these special seasonal concerts, and the participants, as well as their audiences, may want to remember the experience and beautiful music for years to come. Now with the advent of affordable live recording CD/DVD publishers, duplication towers and disc printers, all available at GotMedia for great prices, these Holiday Concert CD-Rs can be ready for sale immediately; in some cases by the end of the concert! Also, GotMedia knows many family members record these concerts with their personal video cameras, and are looking for ways they can easily create 40-50 copies of their recording/footage for everyone involved in the concert to have. GotMedia also sells affordable duplication equipment and high quality media for the casual home user as well… GotMedia is here to help with all of your Holiday Media needs!

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