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CMC Pro Getting Great Reviews

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin23 May 2017

We know that not all disc media is great… It can be a frustrating waste of time and money if you buy a spindle of discs that are damaged from shipping or have a high failure rate. In our industry, there was some concern over the purchase of Taiyo Yuden (also previously JVC) by CMC Pro; mainly because many of our customers have come to rely on the consistent high quality of Taiyo Yuden media. Now the reviews are coming in and we’re proud to report that customers are extremely happy with CMC Pro! Some are now going away from “gold” standard media and relying on CMC Pro media exclusively for all their important media projects. So as hoped and as it turns out, CMC’s committment to upholding TY’s unmatched quality allows professionals to once again have access to blank media with the lowest failure rate, highest playback compatibility and superior printable surfaces. CMC Pro offers a wide variety of printable surfaces and has an option for virtually every type of duplication and printing equipment on the market. Please be sure to call a associate for more information on the full line of CMC Pro products available at GotMedia!

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