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Cloud Vs. Optical Media Data Archiving

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin06 October 2016

For younger and more technically minded computer users, cloud storage seems to be the way to go when archiving important data. Files can be easily accessed from multiple locations via internet, which is very convenient and offsite storage of data ensures disaster recovery options, however, the tradeoff is in security and privacy. While encryption on the data during transfer may stop amateur hackers from accessing your data, backup via internet still pose potential risks compared to local backup solutions. Large amounts of data will also require significant transfer time. You would also have to pay for a monthly or annual subscription. Whereas archiving to optical media has some real advantages. The average life span of optical discs is around 6~7 years, but most higher quality DVDs and BD-Rs available at GotMedia are new type of optical discs; which can last up to 1,000 years. The ideal backup storage solution will depend on your individual or company needs, the best overall system is the one that continues to protect your computer with minimal human interaction. In some cases, the combination of two storage options may be the best solution for you.

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