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Chain Restaurant Kitchen Training – DVD-R

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin30 January 2015

Most chain restaurants rely on their consistency of food preparation across their different locations for brand strength. This means that how the food is prepared and how the kitchens are maintained is paramount for their success. Most major chains rely on video training their staff and new employees to all of the specific procedures unique and critical to their business success. But did you know that the best and most cost effective way to distribute the video training to their employees is through duplicated DVD-R media? It’s true! Most people can play a DVD-R in almost anything; their computers, laptops, DVD-R player, Blu-ray player, X-Box, Playstation and even their cars or trucks if new enough! No internet or streaming service is required, and with DVD-R media being such a reliable and affordable option, this makes it so that restaurants that roll out new menu items or products can easily train their staff by recording the procedures to video and DVD-R media for internal distribution and further training.

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