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Verbatim Lets Artsy Mice Out Of The Cage

VerbatimNancy Woo31 August 2012

Verbatim is a known leader of high quality USB storage drives, but this is a company of many talents. Just this week, Verbatim released a slew of fun and functional mini mice for both Mac and PC. They are called Design Mice and offer seamless wireless connectivity along with a pleasant artistic pattern in various color palettes.

The Verbatim Design Mouse uses a 2.4 GHz wireless connection to hook up with your computer, so the connectivity is fast and smooth and you’ll never have those mousey delays. They’re supposed to be quite comfortable to use, too – there’s a comfort-grip scroll wheel and rubber side grip for the utmost conformity with any hand. What’s more is there’s a built in Nano USB receiver (staying true to the Verbatim reputation for on-the-go storage) so you can easily pop in a USB stick for easy travel.

Each Design Mouse comes with a 1 year warranty, and these little guys retail for only $19.99, compared to the artsy mice that Microsoft put out that go for $29.95. You have your choice of colors — burnt orange, purple, red, blue and graphite — in elegant swirling patterns. You’ll enjoy the artistic precision of these Verbatim mice.

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Verbatim Satisfies Desire For Longer Battery Life With USB Dual Power Pack

Accessories, Electronics, Technology, VerbatimNancy Woo20 June 2012

Haven’t we all cursed the little red flashing light on our phones that signify less than 15% battery life remaining? Technology has taken us far, but we still want more – more apps, more games, more features, and most importantly, more battery life so we can do all the things we want as long as we want.

Well, Verbatim has one solution to our craving for more battery time. The Dual USB Power Pack was released earlier this month, and it can actually increase the battery life of electronic devices by an astounding amount. Using a 10000 mAh lithium polymer battery, this powerful puppy can add 42 hours of talk time, 120 hours of music time or 30 hours of video play to most chargeable devices.

The slim, sleek device has two USB ports so you can double-charge your iPhone, iPad, e-reader, Bluetooth headset, micro-USB charged phone or other USB device. The only phone-carriers who might be out of luck with this one are the non-micro-USB users, but these outlets fit a wide range of USB devices. One of these is even a charging port specifically for the power-gobbling iPad. It does seem like this battery pack caters to Apple products, so if you’re not a Mac fan, this might not be the supercharger for you. But if you’re sporting iThis and iThat, the Verbatim USB Dual Pack could give you the long-lasting charge for your devices you crave.

It’s small and portable enough to fit in a laptop case or computer bag, and the $89.99 might be worth the peace of mind that comes from not worrying about a drained battery. This product comes with a one year warranty.

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Verbatim’s Clip-It Drive Does Double Duty

Electronics, Flash Memory, VerbatimNancy Woo25 March 2012

Verbatim just keeps pushing the envelope forward when it comes to unique USB designs. The company just announced their most recent release – a USB drive that doubles as a paperclip. That’s right. They don’t fail to mesmerize consumers with their hip, new and funky takes on portable data storage. Both original and functional, the Clip-It USB drive is perfect for the office aficionado who prioritizes finding the best ways to cut down on clutter and stay organized.

The Clip-It USB drive kills two birds with one stone – it’s an ultra stylish and sleek USB drive that is built in the shape of a paper clip so you can carry both paper and electronic records with you in one organized and unique way. The Clip-It drive comes in sizes of 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB, and includes a lifetime warranty when bought through Vertbatim. It’s designed with the typical Verbatim durability, capless but resistant to dust, water and static discharges, and the familiar Verbatim style: you have the option to purchase it in black, white, green, pink, yellow, blue or orange. Red Dot Online recognized the unique durability of the Clip-It USb and awarded it 2010’s “Best of the Best” in the product design recognition category. Furthermore, the Clip-It uses secure and reliable System in Package (SIP) technology, but Mac users beware, it’s only compatible with Windows operating systems.

Released officially by Verbatim Marketing India Ptv. Ltd., this awesome little paperclip USB is available in the Indian marketplace for 300 rupees, or you can find it online for about $11 U.S. Small, convenient, vibrant and unique, this double-duty USB is a great choice for office personalities. Have one shipped to you and surprise your co-workers with your high-tech paperclip. Electronic storage and classic functionality have never looked so good.

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Verbatim Releases Durable Store’N’Go Plus USB

Flash Memory, VerbatimNancy Woo01 February 2012

Okay, attention all business backpackers: If you’re looking for a storage drive that you can take with you anywhere despite rain, shine or mudslides, look no further than the Verbatim Store’n’Go Plus. You won’t be the only one wearing a suit or traveling into unknown destinations; this sturdy, heavy duty USB comes with a “suit” to protect it, too, and it can travel anywhere with you.

Remember when we announced Verbatim’s release of the marvelously tiny Tuff’n’Tiny? It’s the “penny” drive, smallest USB ever created, that fits, barely noticeable, right on the keychain. Well, the Store’n’Go Plus is a little bigger, but it can also fit right on the keychain, and it has a flexible but tough cover to protect all your important files.

This all-purpose USB drive is a keeper, whether you’re a photographer out on the trail, business person roughing the office, student traversing classes or dirt biker writer. Available in sizes from 4 GB to 32 GB and starting out at $19.99, this USB drive is an affordable and durable investment. This puppy has USB 2.0 capabilities and connects with any USB port. Plus, just like most Verbatim products, it’s backed by a Lifetime Warranty! No planned obsolence here, folks.

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Last Minute Gift Idea for Dad or Brother

Electronics, Special Events, VerbatimNancy Woo24 December 2011

So it’s a few days before Christmas (and the middle of Hannukah), and you still haven’t figured out the “wow” gift for dad, husband, brother or boyfriend. You know he’s just as mesmerized by his techie gadgets as the kids are by their talking toys, and you want to get him something that’ll really give him a kick. Here’s a great stocking stuffer idea for those last-minute shoppers.

He’ll probably be a little confused at first, then as it slowly dawns on him what a cool little thing this is, you’ll watch his eyes light up:

It’s not just a wallet, it’s a wallet drive by Verbatim. Shaped exactly like a black leather wallet with red “stitching,” following the look to the tee, it’s actually an external hard drive with 640 GB of storage. Measuring in at only 4.5 in. by 3.5 in., with a clever design to amuse and almost unbelievably fast write times, this one is sure to be a keeper. With one review[1] clocking a 6.5 GB transfer in at just under three minutes, it doesn’t seem like this drive is going to be testing anyone’s patience.

This clever little hard drive is backed by a seven year warranty and includes a short USB 2 cable. Super easy to use (you just plug it in and go), it won’t be fooling anyone with technical tricks – the only trick is its cover design, and that’s a fun one. While it officially retails at around $193, Amazon and other big stores chop the price down to around $100. For a stylish, sleek and fast hard drive with a lot of storage, that’s a pretty good price. And the chuckle in his eyes when he sees it? Priceless.



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Verbatim Announces Nationwide Shipment of Blu-ray Re-writabie Double Layer Discs

Blu-ray Media, DVD DL, VerbatimHawksM29 March 2011

THE BD-RE DL discs from Verbatim are now available for shipment across the country to be used by replicators and duplicators from coast to coast in standard Blu-ray players and recorders.

The rewritable discs can be re-written up to 1,000 times and can record as much as 50GB of data – twice as much as a single-layer disc – for multiple audio formats and data as large as 1080p resolution videos.

With the proprietary HardCoat technology from Verbatim, these discs are durable, protecting against smudges, scratches, prints, and dust build up. This protective coat also helps cut down on playback and recording errors.

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Verbatim to Incorporate Mitsubishi Media Line

VerbatimHawksM02 September 2010

As of Sept. 1 2010, all Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Co. products will be unified under the Verbatim brand, according to an announcement by company president Shigenori Otsuka. The brand has undergone a reorganization over the last few years. When first introduced, Verbatim was considered a global brand of Mitsubishi Kagaku Media and was available in more than 80 countries worldwide.

As the largest provider of recordable optical discs for five years, Verbatim expanded to sell a wider range of products, including USB memory, SD cards, portable hard disc drives, etc in 2008. In September of last year Mitsubishi transitioned the optical data disc product line to Verbatim.

As of now, all new products for recordable BD, recordable DVD, and recordable CD will be released under Verbatim, as well as all product lines to be released in the future. Redesigned packaging for new Verbatim products will soon be released to unify the product line and to make it easier for the customer to indentify Verbatim products. Consistent terminology will also appear on the new packaging in addition to new, corresponding designs symbolizing the terminology.

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LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling

CD-R, DVD-R, VerbatimHawksM30 December 2009

LightScribe technology offers consumers and businesses a simple, no-hassle way to burn professional, silkscreen-quality labels on their CDs and DVDs. Using the same laser that burns data in their disc drives, customers burn their data as always, flip the disc over, re-insert it into the drive and burn a precise and permanent iridescent label.



Professional-quality labels: Laser precision and detail
Simplicity: Just Burn – Flip – Burn
Durability: Long-lasting, scratch-resistant labels.
Mobility: Burn labels wherever you burn a disc, no need for printers!
Creativity: Combine text and graphics to personalize discs.


LightScirbe Direct Disc Labeling technology requires three elements:

  1. LightScribe-enabled optical disc drive (ODD) – The drive can be either built into your desktop or notebook PC or you can use an external disc drive.
  2. LightScribe-compatible media – LightScribe CD/DVD’s utilize a special coating applied to the disc surface that interacts with the laser of the LightScribe-enabled disc drive. Consumers can readily identify LightScribe-compatible media through the LightScribe logo found on media packaging and in the lower hub of each disc.
  3. LightScribe-supported software applications – In addition to a label-making software, you will need LightScribe System Software (This software may be included with your hardware, or it may need to be installed separately). With this software, you can create one-of-a-kind designs for your CDs and DVDs using your own photos, text and artwork

Verbatim LightScribe Media

Verbatim offers a wide selection of LightScribe ­compatible media:

  • CDR, DVD+R and DVD-R formats
  • Multiple pack sizes
  • Available in standard gold or colored background discs


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Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD, CD and Blu-ray Media

VerbatimHawksM11 September 2009

Verbatim is one of the most well known names when it comes to DVD-R, CD-R, DVD DL and Blu-ray media. They have a great reputation for quality and reliability. Many people see Verbatim brand media in their local stores when shopping for blank media. It is important to look for media that has Verbatim’s DataLifePlus distinction when shopping for blank media. Many times stores will only stock the lower grade media form Verbatim.  DataLifePlus means the disc is of professional grade, which is important for the quality and longevity of the disc. DataLifePlus is higher quality because the dye layer is thicker.  The dye layer is where the data is stored when burning a CD or DVD. Inexpensive or generic discs tend to have very thin dye layers which can lead to failed discs during the burning process. A thin dye layer could also lead to data loss and data corruption within 1 year. When you have important files that you need stored and kept safe, you want to have a disk that you know is not going to fail your or corrupt your files.

DataLifePlus discs incorporate Verbatim’s proprietary Metal Azo recording dye technology, fine-tuned to produce exceptional results at the highest write speeds, while maintaining compatibility with lower speed recording devices and assuring long archival lifetimes for important data. DataLifePlus DVD+RW and DVD-RW discs are manufactured utilizing a patented phase-change recording layer, Super Eutectic Recording Layer (SERL), which minimizes noise during write/rewrite cycles and provides superior archival stability.

Because the drives of today are faster and more powerful than they were just a few years ago, it makes burning discs more susceptible to failure during the recording/burn process.  Verbatim DataLifePlus media performs excellent with various recording speeds and various drive manufacturers. Verbatim DataLifeDiscs are tested for compatibility with all the leading drive manufacturers.

No matter what type of files you need to place on blank media, you can be sure that Verbatim DataLifePlus media will perform extremely well. No one wants to lose any of their files, so it is important that you use a quality DVD-R, CD-R, DVD+R DL or Blu-ray Disc.

Shop for Verbatim DataLifePlus Media:
Verbatim DVD-R
Verbatim CD-R
Verbatim BD-R

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Verbatim DVD-R and CD-R

VerbatimHawksM12 March 2009

Verbatim was founded almost four decades ago as a state-of-the-art data storage solutions company. Since its beginning in 1969, Verbatim® has been at the forefront of the evolution in data storage technology. Today, more than 39 years later, Verbatim remains one of the most recognizable names in the data storage industry.

Today, Verbatim is known primarily for creating top quality CD, DVD and Blu-ray blank media recording products and accessories. Verbatim is also known for superior manufacturing practices, quality control, and excellent customer service. Reviews from industry analysts, professionals and consumers rate the company’s products highly.

Some of Verbatim’s more recent innovations are its LightScribe DVD+R DL and the next generation optical disc format Blu-ray Media, BD-R. Verbatim is the first company to produce a dual layer DVD with a Lightscribe printable surface.

Verbatim also produces CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R DL and BD-R with wide variety of printing surfaces for the professional duplication industry like white or silver inkjet printable media and white thermal printable discs for the Rimage Everest and Teac P-55 color thermal printers. Verbatim also manufactures storage media and hardware, printer supplies and flash media products.

To see a full line of Verbatim blank media visit our Verbatim DVD-R section or Verbatim CD-R section.

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