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“Be Smart” 2011 Korea Electronic Show Reveals Slew of Startlingly Smart Devices

Electronics, Taiyo Yuden, Technology, UncategorizedNancy Woo13 October 2011

It’s gotten to the point where some people are swearing by their smartphone, shaking their head in disbelief, as if to wonder, “How did I make it through this mess of my life before my smartphone?” These handheld devices are simultaneously a phone, a computer, a way to check email, a text messaging service, a game platform and a GPS, and they are revolutionizing the way people go about their daily lives.

At the forefront of the electronic explosion, of course, are Asian companies like Samsung, LG, Mach, Hynic, Redrover and Korea Taiyo Yuden. These companies, plus roughly 800 more, are currently attending one of the largest IT conferences in the world right now, from October 12 through October 15 in Korea. The 42nd Korea Electronic Show (KES) 2011 boasts a 5% increase of participants from the previous year, and the theme is “Be Smart,” under which major companies reveal new “smart” technology – and not just for phones.

Samsung has so far introduced their “Smart Life” line, which includes smart devices such as a smart vacuum cleaner and smart washing machine, which can be controlled by smart devices, such as phones, TVs or tablets. Whoa! Smart vacuum cleaners that can essentially “talk” to other smart devices like TVs? Is this getting too wild? Are we entering the world of Brave Little Toaster or any 80s science fiction movie? Well, like any new advance in smart technology, there is sure to be an initial shock value.

Let’s not leave LG out of this smart device conversation, because this company has developed a smart refrigerator that can monitor the level of food products in its belly, and do its own online shopping.

On the less startling end of things, LG is also developing sharper 3-D TVs, Redrover is showcasing stereoscopic 3-D technology and Samsung is displaying their latest LCD and LED back-light LCD TVs. Korea Taiyo Yuden has released a line of products called “Smart Solutions and Green Products,” which boasts smaller and smaller sizes of smartphones and handheld devices, with increased capacity.

Our smart devices keep getting smarter – does this mean we are getting dumber?? I think this may be a logical fallacy to assume so, but perhaps this a discussion for another time. In the meanwhile, stay tuned to the KES conference because there are sure to be many more impressively smart things to come from it before the janitors sweep in to clean up the mess (and maybe pick up any leftover electronics). What could be the grand finale? My personal preference will be for dishes that do themselves, or dinners that cook themselves. Maybe the question is not “are we getting dumber,” but “how lazy can we become?”

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Should You Choose Taiyo Yuden Media?

Taiyo YudenHawksM07 November 2009

If you are like most people, then you want only the best when it comes to storing and saving all of your important files and data. This means that you might not want to trust some of the lesser brands to hold your files. Certainly, there are some great brands out there that don’t have the clout and the high profile that companies such as Taiyo Yuden has, but you don’t want to take your chances.

Professionals in a variety of industries use the Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs and DVD-Rs for their storage, and you shouldn’t settle for any less. After all, these guys invented the CD-R – that means they know what they are doing!

The discs are affordable as well. You aren’t going to have to break the bank when you buy them. You will be able to get them in spindles of 100, which will save you money. You could also get them in smaller quantities if 100 discs are too many.

When you are getting these discs, you have to consider a few things. When do you need a CD-R and when do you need a DVD-R? How fast do you need the media to write?

If you are going to be recording music, you are going to want to use a CD-R. The Taiyo Yuden CD-R will have a capacity that is smaller than the DVD-R, such as 600 MB to 700 MB. This is plenty of space to record music. You will find that these discs have various write speeds, from 1X to 48X. If you have a fast drive, then you can choose discs that record faster, and you will be able to record your music to the disc in no time. These CD-Rs from Taiyo Yuden are also great for recording and storing data.

When you have a large amount of files that you need to store on one disc, or when you are going to store video, then you are going to want one of the DVD-R discs from Taiyo Yuden. You will find that these larger capacity discs have a write speed of 1X to 16X.

You will find many companies out there with media storage discs, but if you want to ensure the safety of your data, make sure that you choose a company with a stellar reputation, such as Taiyo Yuden.

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NEWS – Taiyo Yuden Media now JVC Advanced Media

Taiyo YudenHawksM08 April 2009

JVC looked to spin-off “non-core” businesses in May 2008 and Taiyo Yuden acquired 65% of JVC Media. Taiyo Yuden looked to expand their market share in the blank media business and also expand their popularity with the use of the JVC Media brand name.  Taiyo Yuden planned to evaluate JVC business through Sept 2008 before making decisions on merging product lines.  See press release here

All JVC optical media products will now be manufactured by Taiyo Yuden and retain the JVC Media brand name.

A few more statements from Taiyo Yuden:

Taiyo Yuden acquired the branding and licensing rights to the JVC media name.

Taiyo Yuden Media is changing its name to JVC Advanced Media U.S.A. effective April 1, 2009

All current TY and future JVC branded products we supply will be manufactured in existing TY plants and should bring no change to our normal day-to-day business selling Taiyo Yuden, just the name change to JVC

At this time no schedule is set for the transition to JVC branded products

Any new products released will be branded JVC.

All current products will transition to the JVC brand in about 3-6 months but we have no firm time line.

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Taiyo Yuden DVD-R and CD-R gets a fresh new label

Taiyo YudenHawksM29 February 2008

Taiyo Yuden New LabelWe just started receiving pallets of Taiyo Yuden media with new barcode and description markings. Taiyo Yuden told us they were implementing a new barcode and description label on the master carton and spindles that will be phased in throughout 2008. This is a welcome improvement which only helps reduce confusion by customers and end-users. Taiyo Yuden CD-R and DVD-R media has been a staple for professional duplicators for many years. Professionals are used to Taiyo Yuden’s generic packaging; in fact most products used by professional CD/DVD Duplicators have generic packaging since they are not packaged for retail sales. Just as e-commerce has done for so many other product markets, the lines between professional and consumer have blurred significantly. Thus for years tech savvy users have been hip to Taiyo Yuden quality and have recommended CD-R and DVD-R made by Taiyo Yuden in many respected tech forums such as Digital FAQ, VideoHelp and CDFreaks. The confusion for many end-users, who don’t typically buy CD-R and DVD-R in master carton quantities they buy them in 100 packs, is how do I know this is Taiyo Yuden media? The 100 pack spindles either come in a beehive or what is called tape-wrap with no brand label or markings to indicate the media is made by Taiyo Yuden. Once again the tech savvy users recognize Taiyo Yuden’s distinctive beehive or even better just used a CDR Identifier to verify Taiyo Yuden’s manufacturer ID (More on that here).

Tayo Yuden Value LineIn 2005 Taiyo Yuden started distributing their “ValueLine” CD-R and DVD-R in America to compete with Taiwan media manufacturers Prodisc and Ritek. Taiyo Yuden ValueLine media again with generic packaging further confused the end-user. Some users even wondered if they received ValueLine or Standard Taiyo Yuden. I have had countless follow-up emails from customers who bought Taiyo Yuden for the first time and asked how they distinguish that the media is from Taiyo Yuden once they received their order.

So it should come as no surprise that a simple package label is a welcome improvement and probably should have been implemented long ago. Hey…..better late than never, right? Let’s hope this will quell the confusion. After all Taiyo Yuden is trusted for their quality media and anyone who uses CD-R and DVD-R should consider giving Taiyo Yuden a try.

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