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Black Friday Sales Begin With Blu-Ray

It’s almost Thanksgiving in the States, which means it’s also the start of the holiday shopping season.

News broke a few weeks ago that the majority of the latest Apple laptops are devoid of any optical disc drive, suspiciously pointing to Mac’s subtle intention to do away with the technology. Though Apple may be moving away from hard disc storage in favor of USB or cloud-based storage (or maybe they just decided to sacrifice disc drives in order to make the Macbooks even sleeker and slimmer), it’s not impossible or even difficult to still play CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays on these driveless Macs.

All it takes is an external disc drive. For those die-hard DVD or Blu-Ray fans, you’ll still want a way to play your discs on a new Mac, and this year on Black Friday, there are a slew of sales that will surely help you find that special piece of technology you’ve been looking for. While Apple retails their external disc drives for around $79, other brands offer a better deal.

We’ve tracked down one great Black Friday deal so far that will allow any new generation Mac user to play their collection of Blu-Ray:

Click on the ad to be taken to the site.

Macgo is offering a special discount for their Mac Blu-Ray Player up until November 25th. The Macgo Blu-Ray Player will be available for $39.95, a 33% markdown from the regular $59.95. The same price discount applies for the Windows Blu-Ray Player for PCs. Also, the Blu-Ray Suite for both Mac and PC is marked down from $119.99 to $54.95. Who doesn’t love Black Friday deals you can buy online? You don’t have to worry about long lines or pushy soccer moms to get this great deal.

This year, the Blu-Ray Association authorized Macgo, a leading multimedia company, to become an official Blu-Ray product manufacturer. Macgo’s Mac Blu-Ray Player is the first Blu-Ray player for Mac OS, supporting versions 10.5 up to the latest 10.8. The newly upgraded version of this player allows Blu-Ray streaming from a Mac computer to Apple mobile devices like an iPhone or iPad and it also has a built-in wireless AirX function. Just plug in the USB from the Blu-Ray Player to your Mac and watch high-quality Blu-Ray without any frame loss. There is also a function to recommend movies on Facebook or Twitter.

You’ll also need free Blu-Ray player software, which is available for free online. And why not pick up some blank Blu-Ray discs to record your favorite memories and maybe even get started on that holiday slideshow you’ve been salivating over?

Happy Black Friday!

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The Compact Disc Turned 30 This Month

CD-R, Special OccasionsNancy Woo07 October 2012

Earlier this month the CD celebrated a significant birthday – it’s been 30 years this October since the compact disc was introduced to the world in 1982. The CD has become such a ubiquitous piece of technology that anyone 25 or younger probably couldn’t even imagine a world without it. These pre-quarter centurions may have heard parents tell fond tales of record players and listened to them wax nostalgic about the satisfaction of running down to the local record store after school to pick up their favorite rock star’s new vinyl.

And even though vinyl lovers will always prefer that medium of music, the CD brought with it unparalleled new advances for music lovers everywhere. On October 1, 1982 Billy Joel released the first ever digital compact disc for his sixth studio album, 52nd Street, in Japan, along with the first ever Sony CD player, and history was made. Whatever you think of Billy Joel, this album changed the way people listened to music forever.

No longer did you have to get up every few songs to switch the vinyl over, instead, you could listen to an album all the way through; no longer did artists have to limit their song lengths to fit on one side of a disc, now they could enjoy the freedom of producing 10 minute long masterpieces; no longer did the audio quality crackle, for this new digital sound was clear and crisp.

At first, music CDs were quite expensive, retailing for around $15, or $35 in today’s dollars, and CD players were a whopping $730, or in today’s terms, $1,750. No wonder CD manufacturers first targeted classic music lovers and serious audiophiles – the general public wasn’t about the drop that much money to replace an already established vinyl collection. Slowly but surely, however, CDs became prolific.

Today, vinyl sales are making an astonishing comeback and mp3 digital downloads are quickly becoming the norm, but CDs are still the primary form of music listening for most people. Just like how today’s Gen X parents’ won’t ever fully forget the pleasure of vinyl, something similar occurs with CDs, despite the increasingly virtual nature of society. As people move more and more toward virtual identities and digital data storage, there is still an innately human instinct to want to physically hold a beloved object in their hands, a need to feel that the music they love is tangible and real. For this reason, CDs are unlikely to disappear completely, and like vinyl, might even gain prestige the longer they can stick around.

Happy birthday, compact disc. We’ve enjoyed having you and look forward to another great 30 years.

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MicroTech Named #1 8(a) Small Business

MicroTech, a technology integration company based in Tysons Quarter, Virginia, was just named the country’s #1 8(a) firm by the Small Business Administration (SBA). Federal Computer Week released the list of Top 50 8(a) companies yesterday, and MicroTech tops the list with $280 million in prime contracts and an additional $62 million in sub-contracts. The data analyzed is compiled from government sources.

An 8(a) business is a special status given to firms designated socially or economically disadvantaged. They are eligible for financial assistance, mentoring, training and other forms of assistance in order to help their growth and development through the SBA. The SBA was established in 1953 in order to help small business grow, and also to give them a voice in Congress.

President and CEO of MicroTech, Tony Jimenez, had this say after being notified of the honor: “Our status as the No. 1 8(a) business is really heartening. It reaffirms that if you surround yourself with the right people and stay on the cutting edge by focusing on innovation, businesses like MicroTech will continue to succeed,” Jimenez said.

MicroTech is a thriving company that offers a wide array of services and products in the realm of technology integration, social media, cloud computing and cyber security to both the commercial and public sector. In 2011, MicroTech launched multiple new directives, including the MicroKloud line of cloud computing services and MicroPodd solutions for mobile data. MicroTech also has an exciting array of new ventures happening in 2012 in addition to their tried and true products and services. MicroTech manages more than 500,000 users daily and is a prime contractor for over 100 federal projects.

Their mission statement reads: To discover, design, develop and deliver innovative and emerging technology solutions including infrastructure services, systems integration, unified communications and cloud offerings maximizing customer success.

MicroTech is a certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business and National Minority Supplier Development Council supplier of quality products.

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