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Verbatim ARLEDIA Media Offers Twice the Life for DVD-R Storage

Gold DVD-RHawksM13 January 2011

Long-term preservation discs from Mitsubishi are now also available from Verbatim. The new disc brand, named ARLEDIA for its Au/Ag (gold/silver) reflective layers, is poised for high-disc durability beyond traditional long-term storage capacity.

Patented as an archival-quality disc, ARLEDIA has been described as rising star in the DVD-R world, combining gold for resisting deterioration over time with silver for drive compatibility.

The AZO dye (“DYN-AZO”), developed by Mitsubishi Kagaku Media, resists light and heat to enhance durability from repeated playback, and the dual-layer protection results in highly reliable performance. Covered with a hard coating, the disc is also especially protected from scratches and fingerprints. There’s no expenses spared in production, the discs incorporate a pure gold reflective layer.

Archive DVD-R and CD-R from Verbatim & MAM-A uses a gold reflective layer that protects against data degradation.  If you need help choosing a Gold CD-R or Gold DVD-R for archive purposes, give us a call at Gotmedia. 1-866-409-109

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