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Epson Releases New POS Printing Device With Bluetooth

Epson, News, TechnologyNancy Woo19 December 2012

Mobile POS technology is a $5.5 billion industry worldwide, and it’s the fastest-moving retail trend since Internet was added to brick and mortar locations. It makes sense because in a world that’s on the go more than ever before, portable POS systems allow anyone from servers to corporate managers to take their business with them and complete transactions anywhere. Mobile POS systems generally connect easily to a smartphone and allow online transactions to be completed through a credit card slot.

Now, Epson has added Bluetooth capabilities to their leading line of mobile Mobilink POS printers to make virtual transactions and printing receipts even easier. The Mobilink P60 Thermal Printers are compatible with all iDevices, including the iPad, iTouch, and iPhone. The wireless connection is through Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR wireless networking standard. The Bluetooth open wireless connection protocal makes connecting to the Internet safe, secure and reliable from practically anywhere.

Mobilink is not just for Apple; Mobilink devices also support Android and Windows operating systems with options for Wi-Fi 802.11 and Bluetooth. Mobilink was originally launched in 2003 and is the leading mobile POS system for retail and hospitality environments. The device is perfect for efficient, high-speed, reliable POS printing with an autocutter and label peeler, depending on the version. Belt strap and shoulder strap options are also available.

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Epson Announces 3 New Home Projectors

Epson, TechnologyNancy Woo09 September 2012

Epson, leading manufacturer of printers and technological innovator, just announced three brand new home projectors to their line of products. They’ve been leading the pack in this arena for a while, and many spectators and business folk alike were excited to see the company unveil these three new puppies at last weekend’s CEDIA EXPO in Indianapolis, Indiana. So if you’re in the market for new home theater devices, take your pick of the options below.

Here are the 3 new projectors announced for the Power Lite series:

1. Home Cinema 3020/3020e:

The 3020 is the basic home movie projector, starting at $1,599. Here are some of its stand out features:

  • 1080p display resolution
  • 2,300 color and white brightness
  • 230 watt lamp
  • 40,000:1 contrast ratio
  • 2D and 3D viewing, with 2 pairs of rechargeable glasses included
  • built-in 10 watt speaker system

The 3020e, which retails for $1,799, includes all the features of the 3020, except for the built-in speaker system, plus wireless HDMI connectivity and 5 outlets for HDMI devices, along with a wireless transmitter.

2. Home Cinema 5020UB/5020UBe

Moving on to the mid-range home movie projectors, the 5020 boasts these features for $2,599:

  • 1090p display resolution
  • Both 2D and 3D viewing options with glasses included
  • 2,400 lumens of color and white output
  • 230 watt lamp
  • 320,000:1 contrast ratio
  • horizontal and vertical lens shift for easier placement

As you can see, the quality of picture is significantly clearer. For wireless connectivity and 5 HDMI outputs, the 5020e offers these same bonus features for HDMI advancement, for a total of $2,899.

3. Pro Cinema 6020UB

For those serious cinema lovers, the best of the best (for now) is the Pro Cinema 6020UB. For $3,499 this high-end projector comes with all the features of the 5020/5020e (excluding wireless connectivity) and adds these additional bonuses:

  • THX 2D and 3D certification
  • ISF calibration
  • Color isolation
  • Ceiling mount
  • Cable cover
  • Extra lamp

With these three options, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your home theater from the renowned printer and technology company Epson.

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Epson Wins RetailNOW Award For 3rd Year In A Row

Electronics, Epson, Technology, UncategorizedNancy Woo31 July 2012

Epson, a leading manufacturer and innovator of point of sale (POS) solutions like printers, cameras, projectors and scanners, swept the Retail Solutions Providers Association’s (RSPA) annual RetailNOW conference in Las Vegas, NV this weekend. Epson took home the gold award for excellence for the third year in a row. This award is the only award where dealers vote for their favorite vendors.

Epson America, Inc. has been leading the industry since the company’s inception in 1975 and has been a part of RSPA for 30 years. Epson is well known for their high quality printers and constant innovation in the field of printing devices.

Here are some of the innovative things Epson has been doing recently:

  • Back to School Buying Guide: highlights favorite customer products for the beginning of the school year, including all-in-one printers, scanners, photo scanners, projectors, printer ink and printer paper.
  • Epson Gear Up! Giveaway Contest: as an incentive to loyal customers, Epson is holding a back to school contest with a grand prize of $1,000 for schools, teachers and students to purchase products from the Back to School Buying Guide. Enter at
  • Two new solvent papers for the SureColor S-series of high quality signage printing for high-resolution backlit film to provide a satin finish with less surface gloss.
  • New multipurpose WorkForce WF-7010 printer with two trays that hold 13 by 19 inch paper for larger than legal size purposes.
  • New PowerLite Home Cinema 5010e projector with both 2-D and 1080p 3-D capabilities that connects to Blu-Ray, TV and wireless HD for high quality 3-D imaging.

As you can see, Epson continues to innovate and provide its customer base with new and exciting products for many different purposes all across the technological landscape. Congratulations, Epson on a great third year of RSPA excellence, and a sustained 37 years of brand success.

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Print Awesome Summer Photos With Epson

Epson, Inkjet Printable MediaNancy Woo23 May 2012

It’s finally summer and the world is alive with sun – a perfect opportunity for taking some fantastic photos in great light. Oh, and May is National Photography Month? How perfect! If you’re planning on taking some high quality photos this summer, you’ll need a printer to match your style.

Though we’re living in the days of Instragram and camera phones, the real photography connoisseur will still be looking for ways to capture and print the most striking visual images. Look no further than the Epson line of color printers.

Particularly, the The EPSON Stylus Photo R2000 is a match made in heaven for the artist’s eye. It’s a Editor’s Choice winner and is designed to turn any photo into an expert print. This special printer uses Ultra-Chrome Hi-Gloss 2 printer ink to make colors pop, and it is compatible with many different paper types, allowing the freedom to choose your own medium. It will print on cut sheet and roll paper, fine art media, canvas, art boards and even CDs and DVDs.

The eight-color ink set utilizes a high gloss finish to make any photo look vibrant and smooth, and AccuPhoto HG screening technology ensures uniformly high print quality on any paper surface. This is truly an artist’s printer, as it features built-in pigment-based inks, superior media handling and a large paper capacity. It’s also accessible, connecting to EtherNet, Wireless or USB 2.0.

Tips For Printing:

  • Get familiar with settings: Because this printer can accommodate various printing mediums, make sure you’ll be choosing the correct setting. If you’re printing on canvas, make sure to let the printer know.
  • Print on canvas! An amazing feature of this printer is that you can actually print on canvas, and if you choose to use the Exhibition Canvas Matte feature, you can turn your summer photos into beautiful, professional-level works of art.
  • Let them dry: This printer uses high-quality professional ink, so it prints out photos that could have just come from the dark room. For this reason, you’ll be best off letting these puppies dry for about 24 hours before showcasing them in your home art gallery.

If you’re looking for a fun way to spice up your summer and bring some art into your life, just grab a camera, put on your artist hat and print out your favorite memories in glossy high-definition prints with Epson’s innovative Stylus Photo R2000. Retailed at around $499.99, this could be a great addition to your studio and an investment that will keep you in the artist’s seat for years to come.


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Epson Breaks Their Own Mold With GPS Runner’s Watch

Epson, TechnologyNancy Woo23 February 2012

Epson, the world-renowned printing company, has surprised everyone around them with their latest product, a lightweight (in fact, the lightest ever) GPS runner’s watch. Normally touting products like high-speed, quality office printers, scanners, fax machines, as well as label makers, projectors and other office-type technologies, they’ve outdone themselves by venturing into the fitness market. Hey, office types have to stay fit, too, right?

How the company is proving their legitimacy into this unexpected realm:

•    Apparently, this little device offers the best battery life out there at a hefty 12 hour lifespan from one single charge. That’s more than enough for most marathons or trail runs.
•    It is reported to have extremely accurate readings, better than its competitors.
•    At only 13mm thick and weighing in at no more than 50g, it won’t be a dead weight on any runner or athlete.
•    It’s water-resistant and has a casing that protects its inner workings up to a submersion of 165 feet. If you’re out on a trail and it starts raining, don’t worry about the downpour ruining your equipment, and you could also use it to monitor swimming, that is, no deeper than 5 bars of water.

As a GPS device, it provides accurate and up-to-the-minute pacing and distance information for the runner in training or any athlete who would like to monitor progress. This little GPS companion isn’t yet available on the market, but as soon as it hits stores, date yet unknown, it will be interesting to see if the world’s leader in office technology can make the jump into the fitness market. They report they were able to conceive of this new device by drawing on their already extensive knowledge of semiconductors and quartz sensing technology.

I see it as a bold step in a new direction, and any company these days must plunge into new realms if they hope to stay relevant and ahead of the game. And health? Probably one of the best avenues to go down. From a press release, the company states, “Moving forward, Epson is looking to help people enjoy healthier, fuller lives by using its technologies…”  Cheers to health!

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Highlights from CES 2012

The Consumer Electronics Show is an annual gathering of companies unveiling their latest techno-gadgets for all consumers to enjoy. With 140,000 visitors and 2,700 exhibitors in the flashiest place on the planet, Las Vegas, it’s nothing less than a 4-day long spectacle, a giant toy room and a zoo full of the latest and greatest.

Here are some of the most interesting highlights:

1. Earbuds that Monitor Heart Rate:

Gym fanatics and runners are going to love this one. Instead of having to deal with all the extra weight and wires that come with carrying a heart rate monitor around the chest or arm, plus an iPod tucked into an arm strap with headphones, a company called Valencell demoed some of their 2-in-1 earbuds this year. The earbuds would monitor heart rate without the need for additional equipment. Talk about being light on your feet! And cyclists note: only one earbud is needed to check pulse, so you can still listen for traffic. Let’s hope the demo went over well so we can see these available for purchase soon.

2. Microphone USB:

As gadgets get more and more streamlined, here’s one to add to the list. Rather than using recording technology and then transferring it over to the computer, Blue Microphones propose using their handy dandy microphone USB. It plugs right into the computer so you can record and then plug in with one single motion. The company touts the Tiki device as having as-good human voice recognition through voice isolation and noise-cancelling technologies. Tiki goes for $59 on the consumer marketplace.

3. A Projector for iPhone Photos and Video:

Epson, the leader in printing technologies, now adds iPhone projectors to its long list of technological advancements. White it’s great to look at photos and watch videos wherever you are by powering up the iPhone or other Apple devices, it’s even better to watch them in full big screen glory. Now you can share photos and videos with friends by popping your iPhone into the Epson MultiPlex, which has a dock for Apple products and can also be connected to any laptop or Blu-ray player. Then you just need to find a nice big white surface, and voila! Instant projection of your favorite media. These bad boys retail between $599 and $699.

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Epson Releases Slew of New Projectors

Epson, TechnologyNancy Woo05 January 2012

As we let go of the old and usher in the new during this exciting time of year, there’s one company that’s successfully bridging the divide between the two. Epson, a company which has long been a leader in printing devices, is also one of the world’s premier projector developers. Now, a projector, you say? Projectors are largely associated in the pop culture mindset as responsible for those campy 1970s sex ed videos in high school classrooms, or as an early form of film viewing. Thus, the old.

However, Epson has been lately breathing fresh life back into an old form of technology. No longer are these projectors dinosaurs to be dug up from the attic, but revamped, brand new tools with high definition imaging to be used either for home viewing or office presentations.

Let’s start with the latter. Just this week, Epson announced the release of its EX5210 Multimedia Projector.

Sleek and shiny, it is meant for business use, offering bright, HD images for sharp presentations. No computer is necessary for hook-up, making transport easy and convenient. All you need is a USB device to plug in. The data projected is 3LCD quality and the device comes with a solid feature set, like a built-in TV tuner, remote mouse support and speakers included. With native resolution of 1024 x 768 and brightness rated at 2600 ANSI lumens, this projector will surely do any presentation justice. However, some reviews say that text imaging could be sharper, and there is no wireless connectivity. The product retails between $499.99 and $549.99.

Also, perhaps unbeknownst to American audiences, Epson India has also just unveiled their 3-D projector for home use, a stunning 3-D HD product that was just revealed at the Consumer Electronic Imaging Fair and Photofair 2012. Developers and product critics expect for this news to trigger similar HD3D home use projectors from competitors like Sony and Panasonic. As it stands now, the EH-TW 6000 is being directed at wealthier consumers in India, and the company hopes to sell at least 750 units in the first year, or roughly 0.5% of the total market.

3-D projectors for the home theater? Who knows how that will pan out in competition with HDTVs that offer 3-D technology? Perhaps we shall see.

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Year End Wrap Up for Blank Media Trends in 2011

Blu-ray Media, Electronics, Epson, TechnologyNancy Woo30 December 2011

As technology continues to move forward at a relentless pace, new gadgets arise and some old ones fade away. To conclude 2011, let’s recap some of the major topics from the GotMedia blog in the past year as we anticipate all the fascinating advancements of 2012:

  • Recordable Blu-ray: Verbatim announced a new nationwide supply of rewritable double layer blu-ray discs.
    • The wrap up: Whoever said Blu-ray would fade into obscurity was wrong. Even though DVD is still the primary form of media-watching technology, Blu-ray fans know the advantages of watching films on Blu-ray: higher quality audio and video, 3-D imaging, high definition compatibility, gaming, Internet connectivity and all sorts of extras. When you can record films onto your own Blu-ray discs, it’s even better.
  • The tiniest USB device ever: In August 2011, Verbatim released the smallest USB thumb drives the world has ever known. More aptly called “penny drives” because they are roughly the size and thickness of a penny, the Verbatim Tuff’N’Tiny are water resistant, durable and guaranteed to last a lifetime.
    • The wrap up: Technology keeps getting tinier and tinier! These Tuff’N’Tiny USB devices are the answer to any tech geek who misplaces things because it fits neatly onto a keychain – just don’t lose the keys. You never know when you’ll need to transfer files on a dime.
  • The rise of archival discs: This year, the holographic discs touted to last thousands of years gained more prominence. The Millenial Archival M-disc is at the forefront of the game, with a tagline of “Write Once, Read Forever.”
    • The wrap up: Do we really need data discs to last for 3,000 years? Who knows what Earth will be like then? But still, the idea of permanence is fascinating. And these discs have been proven to be virtually indestructible.
  • New devices revealed at Korea’s Electronic Show: The 42nd annual Korean technological convention featured major names like Samsung, LG, Mach and Taiyo Yuden all showcasing their new gadgets for the theme “Be Smart,” which focused on smartphone technology.
    • The wrap up: Who knows all that 2012 will have in store, but smartphones getting even smarter is a sure thing on the list. Some of the wild devices revealed were “smart” vacuum cleaners, “smart” washing machines and “smart” fridges that do the shopping themselves. Here we come, Jetsons!
  • Moverio revealed the world’s first 3-D mounted head display: Powered by Android technology, this crazy little device is essentially a headband that allows the user to see two fields of vision at the same time, whatever is in front of him and a streaming 3-D video in surround vision and sound.
    • The wrap up: Seeing double isn’t just for drunk Uncle Harry anymore, but the question is: will it confuse the brain, or pave new pathways for even greater multi-tasking? With the world’s information overdrive hitting full speed, let’s hope it’s the latter.

We also covered important how-to’s like:

  • How to choose a conversion cable
  • How to compare DVD media
  • How to choose the right media for different projects
  • How to prep master discs
  • How to utilize technology to master any presentation
  • How to determine the right printer

Some of the other topics touched upon include:

  • Lightscribe disc labeling
  • Trends in disc packaging and disposal
  • The issue of piracy under federal law
  • New printers and label makers from Epson
  • Faster disc reproduction technology
  • Verbatim pocket CDs
  • The Android iPrint app
  • A consideration of DVD vs. Blu-ray
  • Easy to make holiday gift ideas

So as you can see, we’ve had a busy year in 2011. Stay tuned for more great media news updates and techie information in 2012!

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Making Holiday Cards: All You Need is a Little Time, Creativity and a Good Printer

Epson, Inkjet Printable Media, Special EventsNancy Woo08 December 2011

It’s the season for spreading good cheer and reconnecting with distant friends or relatives who are undoubtedly leading their own busy lives, as you are. December is the unanimously agreed upon month for taking a little extra time for remembering those people in your life who you value, but don’t get to see nearly enough.

The simplest and easiest way to send a little warmth is through the mail with a holiday card, and the most cherished ones are those that are sealed with a little personalization. There are a few options for making your own holiday cards. You can visit websites that offer the service for a minimal charge, give them a nice photo, choose a design, and have them print and send them for you. For the on-the-go person, this might be the best way to go, especially if you plan on sending a lot of cards to a lot of places.

But if you’ve got a little extra time on your hands, a little bit of tech-savviness and a good printer, it’s simple and easy to just make your holiday cards at home. This is a great way not only to save money and insert that extra personal touch, but it’s also a great wintry activity that you can do with your family. With a little creativity, a few good photos and a little time in the evenings, making holiday cards doesn’t have to be a chore. In front of a fire with a hot cup of tea, it can be a pleasant craft.

Here’s what you’ll need to consider for the holiday card making craft:

•    How many people are you making for? Making a list is a good way to start.
•    Are you going to duplicate one design or personalize each one? This is helpful for determining how much time will go into the project.
•    Does your printer have full black and color ink?
•    Do you have the paper you’ll want to use?
•    Do you have cardmaking software or are you going to use a program like Word?
•    How big will the card be?
•    Do you have envelopes that will fit them, or can you make them?

What you’ll need:

1.    Preferably an Inkjet printer. Epson carries a few top-of-the-line color Inkjet printers that print fast, high quality materials. This is where the card will either make it or break it, because using a low-quality printer or paper may just make it look like a kid’s art project. Using crisp, clean printer technology will result in professional-looking holiday cards.
2.    Black and color ink cartridges.
3.    High quality paper in bulk, like photo paper, glossy paper or card stock.
4.    Photos or artwork on the computer.

Simple steps:

1.    Find photos either of your family, you or you and the recipient.
2.    Using Photoshop, Word, cardmaking software or pre-made designs, craft a cover design. This can be as simple as a photo with a fun border or clip art arranged in an appealing way, or as complex as inserting multiple photos in a clever design, like encircling three photos in Christmas tree ornaments. This is where creativity and a little tech know-how can allow you to really make something special.
3.    Determine which way the cover will go. The easiest way to print is probably by folding a regular 8 ½” by 11” paper down the middle, hamburger style, so that you print the picture in the bottom half of the white space in vertical orientation, then just fold it over. To print a message inside the card, just flip the paper around upside down and repeat.
4.    Write a personal message inside the card, and sign.
5.    Either create your own envelopes with programs on Microsoft Word, or buy custom envelopes to fit your cards.
6.    Address and send!

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Inexpensive, Meaningful Holiday Gifts You Can Make At Home

For those on a budget this holiday season, finding gifts for all your loved ones can start looking like a huge pile of money flying out the window of a car as it speeds down the highway at 80 mph. Fortunately, it’s possible to save dough and still give thoughtful, impressive gifts. And the best part? You can make them at home with the right materials.

1.    The Classic CD Mixtape:

Handpicked Music

Everyone’s familiar with the classic romantic mixtape, which used to be recorded on tapes and given out shyly to any romantic interest. Well, tapes are obsolete, and I’m not so sure any romantic partner would too impressed with receiving old technology – but the idea is still a good one. Giving someone close to you (not necessarily a romantic interest) a CD of hand-chosen songs can be extremely meaningful. Introducing someone to new music, maybe some of your favorites or some you think the receiver will especially enjoy, can be one of the best gifts. It conveys an understanding of the receiver’s tastes, and music can be one of the best conduits of feeling. Making Mom or Dad a CD of their favorites mixed with some of yours can be a great way to bond.

Personalized Disc Labeling

However, rather than just handing over a blank disc with some Sharpie scribbles, make it a real gift with professional disc labeling. For example, Lightscribe disc labeling is a cost-effective and high-quality way to make a plain disc stand out (and you can use it for many different recipients). Using a Lightscribe disc labeler and Lightscribe discs, which are coated with a reactive dye that changes colors when combined with the laser light, creates beautiful discs that look store-bought, but are personalized with the flair you give it. You can add pictures, titles, lists or even transfer real photographs.

Personalized CD Sleeve

Finally, creating a personalized sleeve to go in a CD case can really seal the deal. This is where you can write a personal message, add a photo or insert lyrics. If you go the mixtape route, go the extra mile with professional disc labeling and a personalized message in the sleever; this really make the recipient smile.

2.    Handpicked Photo(s) in Frame:

Most people are going to cherish fond memories more than an expensive toy, especially if they know you’re on a budget, so giving the recipient a picture of you and him/her in a handmade or simple frame can be a great way to go. As they say, a picture’s worth a thousand words, so it’s best to make sure that the picture you choose is going to recall a fond time or memory. In order to really wow them, print the picture on high quality photo paper, preferably on an inkjet printer, in order to really make a clean, crisp shot stand out.

For the frame, any simple wooden frame will do to make a personalized mark. A raw wooden frame (before paint or lacquer) can be a great canvas for even the most modest artist. Using oil-based paints, a simple pen or even colorful Sharpies or markers can bring the frame to life. Or if you want to avoid the chance of shaky hands all together, you can use a handy labelmaker, like the one Epson just put out recently, that offers a plethora of colored paper, colored ink, fonts, sizes and pictures. Printing a message or a favorite quote related to the picture can be a simple way to astound them. It looks great, and it’s something they can display proudly in their home.

3.    Photo album on disc:

For those people on your list with stray photos lying around who always say things like, “I’ll get to making that photo album one of these days,” a DVD or CD full of their favorite family or vacation photos can be just the thing they need to spark that flame of memory. Choosing a selection of the best photos from different special events is a great way to organize the pictures for them all in one disc. You can also use a slide show program of your choice if you’d like to offer them a nice way to display the photos from their TV or computer screen.

Like the CD mixtape, using disc labeling technology can really turn this gift from cute into a keeper. Inscribing a personal message means a lot more to most people than anything store-bought. Similarly, enclosing the disc in a case with a personalized CD sleeve can have the same “wow” effect.

Never underestimate the power of a little thought and effort. Especially because these gifts combine professional appearance with a tailor-made approach to rekindling the recipient’s memories, thoughts and feelings, they’re sure to be a hit. With the right creativity, materials and knowledge, a “budgeted” gift can actually be much more meaningful than anything you can find in stores. The stores don’t know your recipient – you do, and they’ll appreciate your showing it.

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