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New LightScribe Duplicator Issued by Aleratec

CD DVD DuplicatorsHawksM09 October 2010

Need to burn or label up to three DVDs or CDs at a time? Thank Aleratec for providing a duplicator with just the functionality. The 1.3 DVD/CD LightScribe Duplicator SA features 24x writer drives and an intuitive fast-key interface, featuring PC-Connect and Source Selection.

“We are always looking for ways to give more value to our customers. This new three-target duplicator has faster DVD/CD drives than the previous generation without any increase in price,” said President and CEO Perry Solomon.

Making disc-to-disc copies is simple and doesn’t compromise write capacity of the device because users can burn directly from the hard drive through PC-Connect Mode or from another source disc.

Perfect for a wide range of businesses, the LightScribe technology enables laser etch images as well as labels, eliminating the need for costly inks or ribbons. The duplicator tower can be paired with LightScribe or traditional media, offering flexibility and scalability.

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Octave Announces Acronova Blu-ray Autoloader

CD DVD DuplicatorsHawksM01 October 2010

The California company Octave has partnered with Acronova Technology to produce Nimbie NB11-BR (Blu-ray), BD/DVD/CD enabled disc autoloader. Capable of data storage, back up, duplication and transfer, the Nimbie is well suited for media production companies that need overnight direct burn capabilities from their PC without manual disc loading.

The Nimbie holds up to 100 discs and allows for 2,500 to 5,000 GB of data storage for both dual- and single-layer Blu-ray discs, and data transfer for CDs, DVDs. Blu-ray discs can be duplicated in one of five ways: data to discs, span data to disc, disc to disc, image to disc, as well as data from disc to HDD.

Time efficient and reliable, the Nimbie no longer dons a traditional robotic arm for disc loading and unloading and has been equipped with automated ripping technology for burning audio CDs on iTunes and Windows Media Player. The Nimbie NB12-BR standalone version can be used without a PC connection with a one-touch LED panel.

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Microboards Partners with Epson and Teac to Expand Printing Offerings

CD DVD Duplicators, CD DVD PrintersHawksM20 August 2010

Adding two major duplication equipment distributors to its arsenal, Microboards announced last week the addition of Epson America Inc. and TEAC thermal and inkjet printing products.

Epson products now featured by Microboards consist of the full Discproducer line, including desktop, network, and autoprinters. The Discproducer Network Disc Publisher (PP-100N) is embedded with a processor and hard drive and does not require licensing fees for multiple users. Epson line is highly secure, allowing for physical and electronic security checks, PIN-protected access, and door lock.

“Epson has selected Microboards to distribute its suite of Discproducer solutions because of Microboards’ strong knowledge of the publishing industry and its commitment to the dealer channel”, said Jeff Burroughs, National Channel Sales Manager for Epson System Device Group. “We are looking forward to a mutually beneficial relationship.”

Through Microboards, Teac will be represented by its line of thermal retransfer printer solutions and supplies, including the Teac P-55 series for sharp, high-quality print jobs. Microboards will also feature Teac’s a USB Flash drive printer and auto printer solutions available in two single printer models up to a 300-disc dual printer solution.

“The Teac offering provides an excellent economic alternative to other Thermal Print offerings in the market,” said John Westrum, Chief Operating Officer for Microboards. “Besides winning on total cost of ownership, Teac’s P-55 printer’s output excels in durability, color brilliance, and clarity.”

The partnership is a huge announcement by Microboards, cementing its position in the market as a one-stop-shop for duplication equipment and strengthening its already robust product line.

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DVD Duplication Company Bucks the Trend in 2010

CD DVD DuplicatorsHawksM15 July 2010 was facing a challenge in 2010: how to keep up with growing demand. The company’s solution? Simple. Increase production capacity.

In July, the California-based upgraded and replaced 30 percent of its equipment and incorporated an additional 20 percent in overall capacity – a costly endeavor and one that’s not popular in the industry.  But, based on the year’s projections, the company is now ready to take on significantly more business and increase efficiency for its current and future clients.

“This is a milestone moment for our company given the economic difficulties of 2009,” said president and owner Brian Fisher. “The industry in general has been put under strong price pressure, both, from the 2009 recession, and from the stagnant growth of the overall market. However, DVD printing and duplicating equipment manufacturers continue to make improvements in their equipment.”

Equipment manufacturers have been making improvements to their CD, DVD & Blu-ray duplication lines. Blu-ray publisher sales are growing and continued demand for 2011 sees the potential for duplication facilities to add a Blu-ray duplicator to their production line. Rimage has a new professional series publisher line consisting of the 3400 and 5400; Microboards released the G3 Publisher this year. Manufacturers continue to improve duplication and publishing equipment.

Contact us to discuss upgrading your duplication, printing & publishing capacity.

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Aleratec to Give Away iPads for 10th Anniversary Sweepstakes

CD DVD DuplicatorsHawksM12 June 2010

The southern California developer of “Prosumers’ Choice” solutions for USB Flash, Blu-ray, and DVD/CD duplicating, Aleratec, has announced that it will be giving away two iPads, amongst other prizes, in celebration of the company’s 10-year anniversary.

Aleratec, previously known as Alera Technologies, was a pioneer of the CD duplicating industry, specializing in focused markets such as government agencies, educational facilities, and houses of worship. During the month of June, anyone who becomes a fan of Aleratec on Facebook and submits an online entry form will become eligible to win one of the sweepstakes prizes. The Grand Prize is a 32 GB iPad with Wi-Fi and the First Place Prize is a 16 GB iPad with Wi-Fi.

Second through sixth place prizewinners could receive one of the following Aleratec products: a 1:1 DVD/CD Copy Cruiser Pro HLS Standalone LightScribe Duplicator, a DVD/CD Shredder XC, and a DVD/CD Disc Repair Plus.

President and CEO of Aleratec, Perry Solomon, describes the sweepstakes this way.

“We at Aleratec are proud that we’ve been in business for ten years producing award-winning products,” Solomon said. “We want to share the celebration with our customers and friends with an exciting sweepstakes and by offering some amazing deals in the month of June.”

For more information details on terms and conditions of the sweepstakes, visit

If you are interested in comparing different Blu-ray, CD & DVD duplicators, we carry a full line of duplicators and printers.

DuplicatorsUSB Duplicators

Call us today – 1-866-409-1090

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Primera Blu-ray Disc Publishers Get a Speed Boost

Responding to a surge in demand for personal-use Blu-ray disc publishers, Primera, the Minnesota-based manufacturer of CD/DVD publishers, has announced the release of Blu-ray recordable drives with 12x burn speeds.

Previously only offered at up to 8x burn speeds, Primera’s Bravo Series Blu-ray disc publishers are now better able to accommodate users in some of the most in-demand personal-use fields – wedding and events videographers and low-budget filmmakers.

With this release Primera has also replaced USB 2.0 with new high-speed eSATA interface, which can reach transfer rates that triple that of USB 2.0.

“With 12x drives and eSATA interfaces, Primera’s Bravo-Series Disc Publishers are the fastest way to produce professional-quality burned and printed Blu-ray Discs,” said Mark D. Strobel, Primera’s vice president of sales and marketing.

The Bravo Series disc publishers are available in four versions with the faster burn speeds; all are capable of burning direct-to-disc, full-color printing.

  • Bravo SE Blu Disc Publisher – one disc drive, 20-disc capacity ($2,995)
  • BravoPro Xi Blu Disc Publisher – one disc drive, 100-disc capacity ($4,995)
  • BravoPro Xi2 Blu Disc Publisher – two drives, 100-disc capacity ($4,995)
  • Bravo XRP-Blu Disc Publisher – two drives, rack mountable, 100-disc capacity ($8,995)

If you need help choosing a Primera blu-ray, CD or DVD publishing system. Call one of the Gotmedia expert staff at 866-409-1090.

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New Rimage Technology Catapults Company Into the World of Law Enforcement

CD DVD DuplicatorsHawksM15 April 2010

Digital evidence is a growing field within law enforcement as electronic –based and Internet data continue to flood evidence rooms. Plowing through this data can be intensive, time consuming, and tedious, and with limited manpower, law enforcement agencies are already swamped with evidence.

New technology from Rimage, the London-based provider of on-demand CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc publishing systems, hopes to help mitigate these issues.

The Rimage Evidence Disc System™, introduced April 14, automates the ingestion and analysis of optical media evidence, freeing up time and energy for digital forensic examiners. This new series of solutions combines Rimage CD/DVD/Blu-ray combination recorders, an integrated digital camera, and industrial grade robotics to ingest and analyze evidence data.

The Evidence Disc System operates in a three-step, automated process:

  1. Pick evidence discs from input bins
  2. Ingest and analyze recorded content
  3. Prepare disc report

The system never alters or compromises the evidence data and has proven to be more than 87 percent faster than manually processing; the Evidence Disc System photographs and analyzes up to 300 discs at a time. Rimage claims this kind of speeds because the new system leverages the company’s current line of products, including Rimage product capabilities to act as publishing and archiving appliances simultaneously.

“This solution really streamlines and simplifies our customer’s workflow,” said Christopher Wells, vice president of marketing and strategy in a Rimage press release. “The easy-to-use software makes ingesting digital evidence simple, and all the data exports directly into leading desktop forensic analysis software packages so it can be combined with other case information.”

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GotMedia to Offer Dazzling New Rimage Publisher Series

CD DVD DuplicatorsHawksM23 March 2010

Looking to bring your disc printing work in house? The Rimage Professional Series 3400 and 5400N disc publishers, with 150-disc capacity and two front swappable recorders, are the ideal solution for any small business. While Rimage has made a name for itself in reliability and durability, the introduction earlier this year of the Professional 3400 shook up the competition in design, print technology, and versatility.

The Professional 5400N and 3400 systems are the latest members of the Rimage product family, providing dual recorders, a small footprint, and can publish up to 18 full DVD–Rs (4.7 GB) and 30 full CD-Rs (7000 MB) per hour

An Everest retransfer thermal printer, the Rimage 3400 creates permanently fused, waterproof and scratchproof 400 dpi disc designs that have the look and feel of professional quality. With three 50-disc trays, the printer can handle speeds of 60 seconds or less at the equivalent of 400 pixels per inch and recording for CDs., DVDs, or Blu-ray discs or a dual combination.  Disc creation becomes as easy as printing to an in-office printer with this new professional yet compact series.

The 3400 truly is a solution for everyone; Mac and PC users alike can access software, DiscFlow and QuickDisc respectively. And Rimage offers the carousel rotating disc bin with the 3400 – the first of its kind at this price point.

The 5400N, while offering nearly the same specifications as the 3400 with the exception of an embedded PC control center, is a game changer. When it comes to quality, speed, and cost-per-disc, the 5400N outshines all its counterparts.

The 5400N is a networked disc publishing solution that is as easy to use as a networked printer or copier. Simply connect the Ethernet cable into the back of the embedded computer and the 5400N is connected to the network. When using a 5400NN, users have full access to all Rimage Producer Software Suite features.

Chris Wells, vice president of marketing and strategy at Rimage, said there’s relatively no competition in the marketplace to these two products.

“This product opens a new market segment by providing an easy to use, reliable, high quality, full capability, permanent printing solution without the compromises of inkjet print technologies,” Wells said.

Rimage 3400 and 5400N Disc Publishers

Contact a Gotmedia Sales Rep for more information at 866-409-1090.

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The All New Microboards G3 CD/DVD Publisher

CD DVD DuplicatorsHawksM13 January 2010

Microboards Technology unveiled the G3 Disc Publisher this month. The latest innovation in a long line of award-winning disc publishing products by Microboards.  The enhanced G3 is to be positioned as a professional entry-level all-in-one desktop publisher.

microboards-g3-duplicator Microboards executives believe the G3 is the final piece to the puzzle in its three-tier line of disc publishers.  The G3 Disc Publisher is also available as a print-only system, the G3 Auto Printer, giving small businesses, home offices, and other organizations a solid option for short runs of CDs, DVDs, or Blu-ray Discs.  The CX Series is well-established as the mid-range line, known for its outstanding print quality, while the MX Series is popular for its low-cost, high-volume output.

“With the advent of the Blu-ray Disc, optical disc publishing remains a seriously viable industry and should continue to be for years to come,” said Microboards Director of Marketing, Aaron H. Pratt.  “In order to continue to provide consumers with the absolute top-of-the-line optical disc publishing products, Microboards has developed what we feel is the ultimate entry-level inkjet publisher available on the market globally.  I am confident our customers will whole-heartedly agree with me when I say that [the G3] is as good as it gets when it comes to short runs of printing and recording discs in-house.”

The G3 Disc Publisher and G3 Auto Printer are expected to street-price at $1495 and $1095, respectively.  The Publisher will be packaged with Microboards’ own PrintWrite publishing software with versions for both the PC and Mac.  Also included is SureThing label design software for PC, USB 2.0 cable, and a starter kit including blank media and GX-300-HC HP tri-color ink cartridge.

“When users purchase the G3, they’re not only getting a durable all-in-one unit, they’re also getting award-winning software created specifically for our own publishers,” Pratt continued.  “We’re extremely confident that the G3 will stand up to the most rigorous of its intended uses; and as always our products are backed by the industry’s best support staff.”

The broad offering that Microboards brings to its optical users is split into two core components—hardware and consumables.  Microboards is well-known in the optical disc industry for its tower and automated duplicator lines, and Microboards acts as the master U.S. distributor of JVC media, the only Japanese-made disc on the market today. “Our powerful combination of hardware and recordable media provides customers with the best of all worlds,” Pratt stated.

Download microbaords-g3-publisher brochure PDF.

About Microboards

A recognized leader in the industry, Microboards Technology has been providing customers with the latest in disc technology since 1989. Offering a broad selection of innovative, cutting-edge products and solutions from both leading manufacturers and its own line of high-quality disc publishing and printing solutions, Microboards is also renowned for superior service and technical support. The company is headquartered in Chanhassen, Minnesota, with a manufacturing facility in Salida, California, and global offices in Japan and the United Kingdom.

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