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Blu-ray Media, Recordable BD-R

Blu-ray MediaHawksM19 March 2009

Blu-ray disc technology is changing the way professionals and consumers store data. High-definition video technology seems to be springing up everywhere these days – business for HD flat screen TVs has increased significantly in recent years, for instance. High def video produces 1080 lines of resolution — versus standard definition, which only provides 480 lines. Thanks to these additional details, HD video looks far more crisp.

Unfortunately, getting HD video stored effectively poses something of a technical and logistical challenge. The answer to this challenge is Blu-ray disc technology (also known as “BD”). BD is a next-generation optical format which uses a blue laser — hence the “blu” in the name “Blu-ray” — to minimize the pitting size required on the surface of discs, so you can fit more information on a given surface area. A Blu-ray disc has a capacity 25 GB of data on a single layer and  50GB capacity for dual layer BD-R, which equates to over 9 hours of HD Video storage with a dual layer BD-R.

Many companies, such as Verbatim, have taken Blu-ray technology to the next level by using special films and coatings to ensure the integrity of recordings and prevent smudging or scratching which can cause data errors. Blue lasers have a shorter wavelength than red lasers that are used in standard DVD-R.  This allows the laser in BD-R to be  incredibly close to the disc surface to ensure higher fidelity and more accuracy.

Blu-ray discs even have more capacity than dual layer DVD-Rs (which store around 8.5 GB) and now defunct HD DVD-Rs (which pack in 15 GB per side). You’re not going to get super fast recording speed here – generally you’ll get 2X or 4X – but the amount of information you can pack onto a disc more than makes up for this slower speed. You can also find “mini” Blu-ray discs which yield a still impressive storage capacity of 7.5 GB.

Please visit our Blu-ray media section for a full line-up of avaiable Blu-ray Media from Verbatim, MAM-A and TDK.

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