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Blu-ray Disc Capacity Continues to Expand

Blu-ray MediaHawksM05 August 2010

How does 100GB disc storage capacity sound to you? For the consumers and major Blu-ray production distributors alike, that number sounds pretty darn good. Verbatim, TDK, and Sharp are among just a few of the companies preparing to sell Blu-ray discs with double the previous storage capacity.

Based on a statement released in mid-July, Sharp will be the first to offer 100GB-capacity discs; its product, the VR-100BR1 will conform to the Blu-ray Disc Association’s new BDXL format specification and can be written only once.

TDK will debut its larger capacity Blu-ray discs in September, and Verbatim will begin shipping its discs sometime next year.

The 100GB-capacity discs utilizing the new BDXL format, will add a third storage layer and, if all goes as planned, will one day be able to add a fourth layer of storage, increasing storage capacity to 128GB. Currently Blu-ray discs are available in 25GB with single-layer storage and 50GB for dual-layer storage.

While the higher-capacity Blu-ray discs will not be necessary for movies – traditional 50GB discs have the capacity to store 3D media – the new BDXL media format reportedly won’t work on traditional Blu-ray drives. Users would need to purchase new drives. Sharp, however, is prepared to meet this demand with its new Aquos BD-HDW700/BD-HDW70 Blu-ray disc recorders for the 100GB capacity discs available in now in Japan. These types of recorders, like DVD+/-RW drives, can be used for archiving and data, video, and image storage.

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