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Blank Media Needs

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin04 December 2014

There are still many needs for disc media in the music, video production, photography, medical, auto, and retail industries just to name a few – clients for ad agencies review DVD-R and Blu-ray check discs, radio stations still archive their playlists on CD-Rs, doctors provide x-rays and ultra sound results recorded on to disc media, photographers deliver photo sets on CD, auto makers publish warranty and owner’s manual PDFs on CDs in glove box kits now, and the list goes on and on. Disc media has many production and archive uses and has an advantage in reliable storage that is cost effective; not needing a power source to store the data is just one, and the cost per disc is another. Disc media has become the great solution to many needs that companies face with internal training or even looping high quality show-room or tradeshow videos of new products. How can disc media help in your industry?

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