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Best Types of Audio and Video Cables for Converting

ElectronicsHawksM08 January 2011

When compiling the system for your DVD recording business, not only do you need to understand the components of a DVD replicator and recordable media, but the quality of your recordings will depend on the cables you use.

The Ins and Outs of a Cable

To the get best quality out of your cable, you’ll need to pay attention to three components: the conductor, the shielding, and the connector.

-          Conductor: The portion of the cable the signal passes through and acts as a shield and a filter for potential sources of noise

-          Connector: The portion that connects to the equipment

Analog Audio

Analog audio relies on RCA connections. The cables are grouped in stereo pairs with one connection for the left audio and one for the right.

Digital Audio

Optical and coaxial cables are grouped as digital audio. Optical cables transmit digital audio signals as pulses of light and are often used for DVD players and recorders. Coaxial cables transfer digital audio signals like standard analog RCA cables, but are packaged sfound as a single cable as opposed to having double plugs.

Analog Video Cables

-          Coaxial RF cables (F-type): Connect antennas, cable boxes, VCRs, TVs, DVD players, and DVD recorders. This is the lowest quality cable for transferring audio and video and should only be used as a last resort

-          Composite video (RCA): Able to be used in many kinds of A/V components comprised of red and white audio jacks

-          S-Video: A round four-pin connector transmits chrominance and luminance of the video signal separately.

-          Component Video: With the most detail and color accuracy, this cable is split into three parts each transmitted over its own cable and can transmit high-def and progressive-scan video signals.

DVI (Digital Visual Interface) Cables and HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) Cables

These two cable types transmit high-definition digital video signals. HDMI cables can carry audio and are backwards compatible with most DVI connections with an adapter.

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