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Best Archiving Practices

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin08 January 2015

There are a lot backup methods people use when archiving important data and media files. For example, some use cloud services, which isn’t great for large file sizes, and some use reduntant external HDs… but when it really needs to be organized on an ongoing basis, stored safely and within a working system that can be followed each time you archive, we found that archiving using optical disc media such as DVD-R or BD-R media, with the names of the contents copied into a database file for quick retrieval, is the very best method. This way, no power source is necessary for the media itself and they can be easily stored with confidence of reliability; while the database tells you which numbered discs the contents you are looking for are on. So using quality media, a naming convention that can grow with you as long as you are backing up projects and a database for search ability and organization is definitely the way to go! Call a GotMedia specialist for more information on how you can utilize the different media formats available to you for you business!

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