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Benefits of Using a Local Company

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin20 November 2013

There are so many benefits to using a local company, for any type of service you need, but especially for a disc media company such as GotMedia. A few benefits to going local is the huge cost savings in not having to worry about shipping. Shipping out DVD-R media when you don’t live in the Orange County area, could potentially be extremely costly, depending on how many discs you would like to ship. If you do however, live in the Orange County, Los Angeles area, you can simply pick up the discs or depending on the order quantity, we can also deliver (which is still going to be much cheaper than if a company on the East Coast were to deliver the discs to you).

Another benefit to using a local company is the in person customer service you can experience, that will just not be possible with companies that are further than a 50 mile radius from your business. If you have questions regarding the quality of your blank DVD-R media or the different types of media services we offer, it is much easier to get a straight forward answer from a sales representative in person as opposed to multiple emails and missed phone calls.

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