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BD-RE: Rewritable but By How Much

UncategorizedHawksM28 June 2011

Blu-ray has come a long way, especially in the rewriteable category, but just how versatile are these discs?

Because of phase-change method used when rewriting BD-RE discs generates reflective spots on the disc and the less-reflecting spots are interpreted as “zero,” manufacturers estimate you can rewrite a BD-RE disc at least 1,000 times. The maximum rewrite is usually listed at 10,000.

To get the best results out of your BD-RE discs, the manufacturers do recommend that you use file system UDF 2.5, keeping in mind that variations in material, layer design and disc manufacturer materials and specifications will play a key role. Maximize your disc use by selecting a disc with the proper storage capabilities for your project. You can choose between an 8 cm disc with 7.5 GB maximum data capacity up to a 12 cm single-layer disc with 25 GB or 50 GB of storage.

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