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Audio CD-R Give-Aways

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin16 February 2015

A great way that bands can share their music is by giving out a song or two, or the main title track of an upcoming album release to their fans… but what is the best way to do this? Many bands can send out an mp3 to a mailing list of already signed up and registered fans, but what about getting the music out to new music lovers or potential new fans? The best way is still to distribute free Audio CD-Rs at concerts and or other band events. Another way is to actually physically mail a free Audio CD-R with the new music on it to radio stations that like to play new music from up and coming new bands. This is a proven and effective way to get new music “out there” to the masses and promote the band. With technology constantly advancing, bands and music promoters are more and more in do-it-yourself mode, burning and printing the give-away CD-Rs themselves saving time and money; and having complete control over the distribution of the music. GotMedia is the perfect resource for music promoters because they can provide the right equipment and media to enable the promoters to get the job done at a very reasonable cost; with of course a huge potential upside for the band!

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