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Archiving With Blu-ray Disc Media

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin25 September 2014

In this digital age we live in, more and more important and vital documents and data for companies exist in an electronic format. Data archiving used to be an expensive endeavor, but you may be unfamiliar with the most cost effective and reliable way to archive; on to blu-ray disc media. Many people now are familiar with blu-ray being able to store high definition, high quality video, movies, video games, etc. However, blu-ray media is also the superior choice for archiving important and large amounts of data. Why? Tape drives and HDD’s are good for backing up temporarily, but are not long-term solutions. The main benefits of archiving using blu-ray discs are 1.) reduced risk of data loss, 2.) reduced storage costs, and 3.) long term data retention and reliability. There are different types of blu-ray discs for archiving, so be sure to call one of GotMedia’s knowledgeable representatives for more information on which blu-ray brand best fits your archiving needs.

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