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Affordable Blu-ray Recorders May Be in Your Future

Blu-ray MediaHawksM02 December 2010

Panasonic has just announced production of a new Blu-ray recorder, one that may not actually make a huge dip in your wallet. Capable of storing up to 100GB of content on a single BDXL disc, the Panasonic DMR-BR585 is one of the greatest-value Blu-ray recorders on the market at $780.

Thinking about getting into the Blu-ray replication business or just looking for a personal investment, Panasonic may have just answered your prayers. While the DMR-BR585 may be small on price, it’s big on capacity with a 320GB HDD built in. The device also allows for content to be copied from hard disc to Blu-ray and vice versa and comes with an HDMI interface, a USB port, and Ethernet.

Panasonic has yet to announce when distribution will open internationally, but the company will produce 48,000 units monthly — a significant number for Blu-ray technology. As of Nov. 25, units became available to the general public in Japan.

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