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Affordable Blu-ray Media BD-R LTH Type Discs

Blu-ray MediaHawksM01 April 2009

Blu-ray LTH Type Discs
Blu-ray, also known as Blu-ray Disc (BD) is the next generation optical disc format developed to enable recording, rewriting and playback of  high-definition video (HD), as well as storing large amounts of data. The applications for Blu-ray span the entire storage spectrum–Data, Audio, Photo and Video storage for personal and professional use.

With the availability of LTH Type hardware and firmware from industry leaders such as Sony and Panasonic, the momentum is already building for media that will enable consumers to move up to the more affordable BD media. Verbatim 25GB BD-R LTH Type discs feature a new technically advanced organic dye in the recording layer that can be burned at speeds of 1x and 2x. By switching from the more expensive inorganic layer used with current BD-R to the new organic layer, manufacturing costs can be reduced.

Leveraging its many years of success in developing organic AZO recording layers for CD-R and DVD-R media, MKM developed a new organic AZO recording layer for the BD-R LTH Type media and produced sample discs for testing.

The patented AZO dye used in the recording layer of Verbatim BD-R LTH Type media provides a unique combination of features that range from increased sensitivity to laser light — the key requirement for optimized recording performance, to control the heat interference between consecutive recorded marks for substantially less jitter and reduced degradation of recording marks. The innovative dye also features a wide power margin to ensure quality recording on the entire disc surface.

Unlike current BD-R discs, in which the inorganic recording layer is made by the sputtering process, the organic recording layer for BD-R LTH TYPE media can be applied using the same dye spin coating process as CD-R or DVD-R media. As a result, Verbatim will be able to begin mass production of its BD-R LTH TYPE by only slightly modifying existing CD-R or DVD-R production lines and by adding the cover layer coating process with super hard coat feature.

Verbatim BD-R LTH Type Technology
BD-R LTH Type discs offer a more affordable solution to high-definition video storage. In comparison to standard BD-R discs which use inorganic dye, BD-R LTH discs use an organic AZO layer which MKM developed leveraging its many years of success in developing organic AZO recording layers for CD-R and DVD-R media. BD-R LTH Type media is applied using the same dye spin coating process as CD-R or DVD-R media. Recorded data lies close to the surface of BD discs. Therefore all Verbatim BD media features a proprietary Hard Coat finish. This layer provides added protection from scratches, dust particles and fingerprints that can damage data and cause recording and playback errors.

BD-R LTH Type Recorder Compatibility
With increased availability of recorders, players and camcorders that support this new technology, the demand for BD-R LTH is high. The following BD disc recorders (Format v1.2 standard) are compatible with the latest LTH Type BD Recordable discs*:
Panasonic – All new and legacy burners (except legacy slim burner)
Sony – Currently testing LTH Type to support with new recorders
Pioneer – New burners by updated firmware
HLDS’s – New burner currently support LTH Type

Features and Benefits:

  • Store up to 25GBs of information on BD-R LTH Type discs
  • BD-R LTH discs can record at speeds up to 2X
  • Increased sensitivity to laser light – Key requirement for
    optimized recording performance
  • Controls heat interference between consecutive recorded
    marks – Less jitter and reduced degradation of recording marks
  • Wide power margin – Excellent recording compatibility and
    prolonged archival life

*Compatibility depends on drive manufacturer and subject to change

Verbatim Blu-ray Media LTH
Verbatim BD-R LTH, 96569 expected Summer 2009.

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