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According to – DVDs Not Dead Yet!

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin10 September 2015

Yes we all now there has been a steady decline in recent years in sales of DVDs and Blu-rays, however unlike deteriorating VHS tapes, optical disc media serves many purposes in the industry still; and the physical product component plays a big part in why disc media will hang on for years to come. According to, there are six significant reasons as to why DVDs and Blu-rays are not dead yet.
1.) Kids need it – we still do not have vehicles with rolling wi-fi hot-spots yet they still come with DVD players – while on vacation, it makes sense to bring along your kids favorite movies. It’s also a much better value.
2.) The industry’s own marketing says so – many entertainment companies sell multiple ways to get the content. That means if you buy a disc, you also get to access the digital copy, a “combo-pack” strategy that is now an industry cornerstone.
3.) Specialization — with a range of areas from sports to music to fitness to spiritualism, vast realms and small niche industries exist where the marketing opportunities and venues may be greater for physical discs than digital files.
4.) Blu-ray still the best HD – HD content viewed on the finest Retina tablet display or LCD flat screen can’t come close to a Blu-ray. Gaming platforms, such as the PlayStation 4 or X-box, will continue to drive significant Blu-ray business.
5.) Collector’s Choice – cloud DVRs are just now rolling out from MSOs like Comcast, and already there are questions about the cost and feasibility of bandwidth and storage. Old-school DVD collecting, while it involved an initial pricetag, didn’t get progressively more expensive the more you bought.
6.) For a lot of Americans, it works – The media/industry narrative around the death of DVD and supremacy of digital doesn’t match the reality of most U.S. markets outside of New York, L.A., San Francisco and a small handful of other enclaves. Battered by recession and indifferent to aesthetics or the futuristic potential of cloud storage, they are happy to rent cheap discs from Redbox (whose kiosks outnumber McDonald’s and Starbucks outlets combined).

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