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5 Reasons Why CDs Will Remain Competitive

CD DVD Duplicators, CD-R, duplicationNancy Woo14 April 2012

You’ve heard the rumors: CDs are going the way of VHS tapes and cassettes; digital downloading is killing sales; they’re obsolete. While it may be true that digital downloads from applications such as iTunes and Amazon have blotted out a certain portion of CD sales, and the latest addition of Spotify has also cut a piece out of the cake, there are certain aspects of the physical CD that just can’t be replaced by virtual space. Here are 5 reasons why we think CDs are here to stay.

1. Tangibility. Nothing beats the excitement and satisfaction of holding a physical copy of an album in your hand, especially after waiting eagerly for it to be released. There’s just no denying the tangible pleasure in making connection with your favorite artist’s album. You’ve been waiting for it to drop for weeks or even months, and that moment when you can go to the record store and pick it up is something near magical.

2. Artwork. Album artwork isn’t the same online. When you get that CD, part of the thrill of it is enjoying the album cover art and the special little messages inside from the artist themselves. Sometimes the physical CD includes lyrics, jokes or stories behind the songs. You just don’t get that online.

3. Artist outreach. New bands hand out CDs, not digital downloads. Ever been to a show where a rocking new band just played and you’re so stoked on them you go up to them afterwards and buy a CD? Yeah, rarely do they say, sorry man, we don’t do CDs anymore, but here’s a code for a digital download. When you’re a new artist trying to get your music out there, you’ve got to be ready with materials on hand, and having a stack of CDs is just the best way to do it.

4. Personalization. Want to share music? Making a mix CD is a lot more personal than emailing a playlist. A burned CD-R is an art form created by one person for another, and there’s an unspeakable difference in actually burning the physical copy and labeling it yourself than impersonally making a few clicks in cyberspace.

5. Choice. CD offers the alternative of choice. While Internet streaming and downloading capabilities are in fact a wonderful option for many consumers, the CD is going to stick around simply because it’s another way of doing things, and no one likes to be constricted into one preordained way of living. CDs and digital downloads can live harmoniously side by side, each offering something different for different consumers or even different situations.


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