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Large Companies Turning In-House

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin23 June 2017

We are noticing that many large corporations in the OC area are bringing disc publishing services that they used to outsource to vendor companies, back in-house/inside the company. This is due to the advancement of do-it-yourself user-friendly duplication and printing technology and affordable media. Employees of these large companies can now be trained to operate newer disc publishers and printers for all sorts of tasks and therefore control the output, quantity, artwork, archiving, etc. for their specific needs; without the back and forth and expense of dealing with outside vendors. Whether it be training materials, software testing, file archiving, manuals, presentations, etc., it’s becoming common-place thinking that it can be more convenient and cost effective to be able to handle the output of disc publishing internally vs. issuing POs to companies that require specific quantity breakdowns for their pricing.

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Software Development & Optical Media

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin20 June 2017

There are a lot of systems and regulated procedures software developers use in developing the various releases and different versions of their software leading up to a final release. Beta testing and logging bugs in a version number coded database is vital for software engineers to be able to correct and create a bug free retail ready software product; in time for it’s release date. There is also .exe encryption and copy-right protection that usually gets integrated in the final stages. With a detailed and sensitive process such as continued release software development, it’s very important for the beta testers to have the highest quality media for testing purposes. Cheap media can cause delays, research and bug fixes that actually weren’t even necessary! You can rule out media issues right away by using quality CD-R media. GotMedia has partnered with several software development companies in the Orange County, CA area and are the expert media suppliers for software developers! Call GotMedia to find out more…

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Best Disc Printing Practices

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin16 June 2017

If you plan to replicate, there are 2 options of disc printing; photo-offset and silk screen. Generally, if your design is 2D, non-photographic but rather flat like a logo and text over a colored background, or there is a specific color you are trying to achieve or match to, then silk screen with specific color book inks such as Pantone Inks are the best way to go. If your design is photographic or pixel based, then photo-offset is your best option. Photo-offset printing is very similar to how most magazines are printed. Many companies now silk screen onto blank CD-Rs and DVD-Rs for their internal processes and ability to burn discs that have a professional replicated look. So how about if you publish and print with your own equipment? The good news is that now days, there are many types of media options that have different finishes from glossy watershield to flat white or silver finishes giving you the ability to print both ink-jet or thermal methods directly on to the blank media itself for professional results. It’s important to use the correct media and the correct inks or thermal ribbons though… So the experts at GotMedia can help you select the right media and supplies to achieve your desired result!

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Inkjet Media = Lower Cost

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin13 June 2017

Even though printing directly on to inkjet printable CD-R/DVD-R or BD-R media requires an initial investment/purchase of a CD/DVD inkjet printer, the long run cost of being able to customize and print your own CD/DVD projects, over and over again, is significantly lower than if you were to use a CD/DVD Duplication service or even a professional replication company. Also, if you are used to publishing your own discs using adhesive labels, it turns out that it is more cost effective to purchase inkjet media, rather than buying both disc media and adhesive label paper; with the need for a printer is the same yet stick on labels can be problematic in many tray and side-load CD/DVD drives. And with todays high quality disc printers and professional quality results, buying inkjet printable media for your in-house projects really is the safest, most reliable and cost effective way to go.

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Better Media, Better Results…

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin08 June 2017

Leading manufacturers of CD/DVD publishers and printers such as Epson, Microboards, Microtech, Primera & Teac all can print on any inkjet printable or thermal printable media as advertised… But did you know the media matters? Choosing the manufacturer recommended disc media that works best with your printer can save you years on the printheads and print engines. Using the correct media can also ensure the highest quality print results possible. The experts at GotMedia in Orange County, CA know which brands of media is ideal for your printer or disc publisher; so give them a call to find out more about which media type and brand will work best for you!

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Microboards Helping Schools This Summer

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin06 June 2017

How do you support 30,000 students using 16,000 computers across the Colorado Springs School District? Just ask Bill Fisher.

This summer alone, 2,200 of those computers will be replaced with new models, and each needs to be loaded with the materials used in meeting the district’s education and technology goals. Simultaneously, the rest of the computers will still have diagnostic and update needs. So when Bill sends his team of field technicians out he’ll be sure they each carry the latest materials in the easiest format possible: a USB thumb drive.

To copy the materials, Bill recently acquired a 7-target USB copier through Adorama, a long-time value-added reseller of solutions from Microboards Technology. The CFD-USB-07 from Microboards costs $895 and requires no computer to make copies; a drive with the materials already loaded is placed in one slot, and the remaining 7 slots receive an exact copy at the push of a button.

That means that in a matter of minutes, each field technician is equipped with the latest and greatest, whether it is a software update or a troubleshooting tool. “We use flash drives for anything and everything”, says Bill. In fact, thanks to his former background in law enforcement, flash drives are even used for security issues. ISO images are captured on the drives as part of the first response to a threat and Bill writes custom routines for assessing issues that are distributed on the drives.

Is Bill happy with the solution? Absolutely. He has even enjoyed working with technical support; when a supplier of blank flash drives began providing a thumb drive that didn’t handle bootable files well, Microboards’ technical support jumped in right away to enlist support from the supplier and start working toward a solution. “There’s such a wide range of flash drives out there, and compatibility is
very important to what we are doing,” said Bill Fisher.

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