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Sticking With CMC-Pro From The Beginning

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin28 February 2017

By now you may know that CMC Magnetics purchased the technology and manufacturing license for Taiyo Yuden / JVC optical media products.

Previously, JVC/Taiyo Yuden made the announcement that they will be stopping production of all optical media products and making a complete withdrawal from the market. JVC/TY’s withdrawal left a huge void in the professional media market and CMC quickly seized the opportunity to purchase the technology and fill that void. CMC has committed to produce all current JVC skus and maintain the unmatched quality and consistency the professional market demands. With the help of Taiyo Yuden engineers, CMC has built specialized, dedicated production lines using the exact same processes, raw materials and strict quality control measures to ensure the high TY quality is maintained.

GotMedia has been with CMC and their new CMC-Pro products all throughout this change and has been awarded the best wholesale pricing of anyone in the world! So please be assured that GotMedia will not only distribute the full line of new high quality CMC-Pro products, but GotMedia can offer them at the very best prices available out there!

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Attention Re-Sellers!

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin27 February 2017

Are you a business owner that sells blank media? Maybe, similar to Staples or Office Depot, you sell a limited variety of Verbatim or CMC-Pro packs of printable DVD-R and CD-R media along with your other technology items just to be well rounded with what you offer; however these media items are priced too high to sell. Sound familiar? This is where striking up a relationship with GotMedia as your supplier can help you in ways you probably haven’t even realized. Not only can GotMedia help you expand what products you can offer, but GotMedia has the longest standing relationships directly with the most popular manufacturers than anyone in the industry. In fact, GotMedia has been rewarded with the best wholesale pricing that any of the manufacturers give to anyone; and this is just for sticking around when others have tried to move on to other cheaper media. So what this means for you, is that if you stock up on your inventory from GotMedia, you can be re-assured that you can sell to your customers for the most competitive of prices available anywhere having received the very best possible wholesale prices from GotMedia yourself! Call GotMedia today to learn more!

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Verbatim Products Available at GotMedia

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin22 February 2017

Verbatim is one of those brands that has worldwide recognition; the company has been around for decades and has made a presence throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Their speciailty has been with DVD-R media. Verbatim manufactures a full line of bulk and printable surface DVD R media. It is available in several different types – thermal printable, inkjet printable, and many more. It is a trusted brand and at this point carries products that will help several of our clients.

GotMedia in Orange County specializes in Verbatim blu-ray media technology, as well as CD and DVD-R discs in Orange County

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