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Medical Imaging Using DVD-R

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin20 December 2016

Another way the medical industry is “going green” and cutting back on using and printing in excess onto paper, and cutting back on chemicals as well, is to store digitally recorded images or video data onto DVD-R media using DVD-R recorders connected to medical imaging equipment. Have you ever had your x-ray images, or the video from an ultrasound session delivered to you and your doctor on a DVD-R? Well, if you haven’t yet, you may still, as this is becoming more and more a common practice in the medical industry. Using DVD-R to store and archive important medical imaging data not only saves paper and chemicals, but it’s a more reliable and efficient way to file and archive important data as well. With the cost of DVD-R media relatively low by comparison to ink and paper printouts, and when you consider that optical media is a more reliable way to store digital media for instant recovery, search and repurposing anyway, it makes sense that more and more medical imaging equipment is being connected to DVD-R recorders to be able to record onto DVD-R media.

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