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BD-R Media Facts

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin30 November 2016

Blu-Ray Recordable (BD-R) discs are designed to store large HD video and audio files. Using blue-violet laser technology, Blu-Ray discs can handle up to 1080p resolution and multiple audio formats. This why they are preferred format for PS3 and PS4 games. Many of our customers ask whether they can record over video/audio stored on a BD-R… and the answer is no. BD-R’s are single layer Blu-Ray discs designed for one-time recording. Others also want to know why they should choose BD-R’s over DVD-R’s; With the ability to store up to 25GB of HD content or data files, Blu-Ray recordable discs have over 3 times the storage capacity of DVD’s. This allows you to use fewer discs when backing-up, recording or duplicating HD digital recordings. BD-R’s are ideal for recording HDTV programs or backing up your music collection. BD-R’s also come with different printing surfaces for use with your disc printer or publisher. With the highest reliability and capacity in the industry, BD-R media is the way to go!

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Thanksgiving Day Videos To DVD

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin24 November 2016

Thanksgiving Day is a special holiday that can bring friends and family together to make and enjoy a wonderful dinner at home. Lots of families might record family gethering video clips on Thanksgiving dinner or gathering, especially those who have kids. These Thanksgiving family gethering video clips could be stored on computer hard drive for future viewing, or burned onto blank DVD disc for safekeeping and easy sharing with family and friends. Before converting and burning your Thanksgiving video to DVD discs, it’s good to check with GotMedia to make sure you are using the right media for those special memories!

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Microboards Printers – Online Special

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin21 November 2016

Microboards printers in Orange County are needed when creating your own CDs/DVDs/BDs in-house for your business and printing needs, but often times shipping for these large, heavy items can be just as much as the printer itself! It makes sense that our customers don’t want to pay for this, so we have a special deal for our online customers. If you simply tell our agents that you are our web client, you will receive free shipping on your Microboards printer order.

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Disc Media Direct Printing

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin17 November 2016

If you plan to replicate, there are 2 options of disc printing; photo-offset and silk screen. Generally, if your design is 2D, non-photographic but rather flat like a logo and text over a colored background, or there is a specific color you are trying to achieve or match to, then silk screen with specific color book inks such as Pantone Inks are the best way to go. If your design is photographic or pixel based, then photo-offset is your best option. Photo-offset printing is very similar to how most magazines are printed. Many companies now silk screen onto blank CD-Rs and DVD-Rs for their internal processes and ability to burn discs that have a professional replicated look. So how about if you publish and print with your own equipment? The good news is that now days, there are many types of media options that have different finishes from glossy watershield to flat white or silver finishes giving you the ability to print both ink-jet or thermal methods directly on to the blank media itself for professional results. It’s important to use the correct media and the correct inks or thermal ribbons though… So the experts at GotMedia can help you select the right media and supplies to achieve your desired result!

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Rimage Ribbons + Ink Supplies

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin14 November 2016

If you are an owner of an Everest CD/DVD printer, you should know that in order to keep your printer running well, you should clean the print heads every 2,000 prints, or more often if your printer is constantly printing discs. Gotmedia has cleaning kits along with all of the other supplies you need; ink cartridges, color ribbons, transfer ribbons and more. You can count n the Rimage Prism color system to deliver top quality printing results, whether it’s vector of photographic, at a low-cost per print… So when you need supplies for your Rimage CD/DVD printer, it’s good to know you can rely on GotMedia for all of your essential supplies at the very best prices available!

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Physical Disc Media in Today’s Market

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin10 November 2016

As more and more consumers realize the convenience and relative inexpensiveness of streaming video on-demand, the worry that disc-based physical media such as Blu-ray – a still-nascent format when compared to its younger brother DVD – will suffer and then die off intensifies. The very concept of premium VOD, which brings just-released movies from theaters to homes in mere weeks instead of months, has companies like AMC up in arms.

However, a new study alleges that despite the industry push toward digital distribution and rising adoption rate in homes of services like Netflix over recent years, Blu-ray, DVD and online content can all still get along.

An exclusive study culled from myriad data compiled by industry analysts like the Consumer Electronics Association was made available to entertainment news site Home Media Magazine. Despite past (and future) gains made by digital distribution, the study says it may not overtake the physical distribution model until 2021 for various reasons. Moreover, DVD still has some life in it — contrary to some previous reports.

“The portability and relatively inexpensive price point of the DVD help expand the lifespan of physical media,” reads the “Future of DVD” study. “Additionally, purchases of Blu-ray Discs and players jumped 86% in recent years, giving further evidence that physical media as the primary home video medium will take substantially longer to fade out than the demise of VHS over a decade ago.”

Considering how successful the 20-year-old DVD format continues to be, it’s unlikely to disappear anytime soon. The medium’s lingering popularity may also bode well for its successor’s lifespan, suggests the study.

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Getting New Music “Out There”

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin07 November 2016

A great way that bands can share their music is by giving out a song or two, or the main title track of an upcoming album release to their fans… but what is the best way to do this? Many bands can send out an mp3 to a mailing list of already signed up and registered fans, but what about getting the music out to new music lovers or potential new fans? The best way is still to distribute free Audio CD-Rs at concerts and or other band events. Another way is to actually physically mail a free Audio CD-R with the new music on it to radio stations that like to play new music from up and coming new bands. This is a proven and effective way to get new music “out there” to the masses and promote the band. With technology constantly advancing, bands and music promoters are more and more in do-it-yourself mode, burning and printing the give-away CD-Rs themselves saving time and money; and having complete control over the distribution of the music. GotMedia is the perfect resource for music promoters because they can provide the right equipment and media to enable the promoters to get the job done at a very reasonable cost; with of course a huge potential upside for the band!

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Disc Storage in Addition to Cloud Services

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin03 November 2016

It’s a wonderful convenience in this day in age to have cloud services be able to share your contacts, music, photos, videos, etc. between your different devices; such as your phone, tablet or computer. This is especially helpful when you buy a new device, and would like to sync it with your other devices. But what about your larger or very important files? Should you trust cloud services completely? Uploads and downloads can be easily interrupted with a spotty internet connection or even powering up and down your devices unaware that your syncing is incomplete. Also, to get more than the allotted free space you get with most cloud services, you have to pay more. This is why it’s still a good idea to make disc archives of your important family photos, projects, music library, videos, or other large files. This way, you have the reliability of optical disc storage with no power source, you know exactly where the files are and the instant access ability whether you’re connected to the internet or not. Also, you can search the contents of your disc and immediately find whatever archived file you are looking for. The media matters – be sure to call GotMedia to learn more about the advantages of optical disc media storage options.

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