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Disc Media Supplies in OC

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin29 September 2016

As far as CD DVD duplicators, publishers, printers and media goes, clients all over Orange County, CA and the entire nation, rely on for the best prices on their equipment and media needs. But what sets GotMedia apart, is that they also offer all of the necessary supplies to accompany their top products. Supplies such as CD DVD ink cartridges, CD DVD packaging, CD DVD thermal ribbons, DVD cases, CD DVD sleeves, etc. are available from GotMedia; making a true, convenient and reliable one-stop-shop source for ALL of our clients media AND supplies needs.

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Local Churches Using Disc Publishers!

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin22 September 2016

It’s amazing that technology has advanced to the point where you can attend a Church service, walk out on to the patio area immediately afterwards and see a stack of printed CDs of the sermon you just heard available to take home! How do they do this? Well some Churches have learned that offering their sermons on demand, or as podcasts, or for download from their website wasn’t as effective as actually offering the recorded sermon on CD right after the service; as it is still fresh on their minds. GotMedia offers everything these Churches need to do the job! Everything from the disc re-corders and disc publishers, to the media and ink cartridges needed to quickly publish, duplicate and print these sermon CDs so that they are ready for Church-goers on the way out!

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Top 3 BD-R Brands

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin19 September 2016

So which brands of BD-R media out there do you consider to be the best? Turns out it may depend on your BD drive! Many professionals working with HD video and Blu-Ray media say it’s really important to use high quality media, and to be sure it’s compatible with your BD-R burner; as many only support several types. A lot of our customers here at GotMedia prefer Verbatim, Microboards or Titan; all of which made Ebay’s top 5 BD-R Brand list earlier this year! All are also high quality brands that GotMedia sells! Be sure to contact us if you have any questions about which BD-R Brand is the best for your needs.

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Epson DiscProducer Ink Supplies

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin15 September 2016

Epson has always led the way when it comes to innovating and developing quality ink solutions… but what you may not have known, is that for the Epson DiscProducer PP-100 auto-printer sold here at GotMedia in Orange County, CA, Epson has developed a 6 color individual, high-capacity, dye based ink solution – the absolute best in its class for crisp, clear text printing and vibrant graphics. You can print over a thousand or more discs without changing cartridges, and with an LED readout for each color, you can change out just the one that’s low.

Epson always delivers on it’s promise to be the best in it’s class! Contact the experts at GotMedia to learn more.

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Industry – Church Media Equipment

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin12 September 2016

Across the US, thousands of religious organizations and churches use CDs and DVDs as the primary means to distribute their important content. It’s for good reason, too: CDs and DVDs are inexpensive to produce and user-friendly for even the least tech-savvy viewers and listeners — whether they’re at home, in the car or at the office.

In a church setting, common uses for media duplication include:
• Music, choir and drama programs
• Sermons, lectures and presentations
• Photos and videos
• Educational and training material.

This media is more within reach than ever too. In the past CD, DVD and Blu-ray duplication and printing was a long, tedious process. Each disc required special attention to burn, print and apply sticky labels, one at a time that didn’t always portray a professional looking end product. But Finally, you can automate this process.
CD and DVD publishers take the stress out of the duplication process, allowing you to start the job and continue going about your daily business while the machine does the work for you.

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Inkjet Watershield Media

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin08 September 2016

GotMedia sells all types and brands of CD-R, DVD-R, DVD-DL and BD-R media at great prices. You may have heard of watershield media, which GotMedia also sells; and perhaps you would like to know what the advantages are to buying this type of media. Watershield media is unique in that it has a beautiful glossy finish, which also happens to be water resistant and much more durable against wear/tear and scratches compared to regular ink-jet printable media. Many of our clients love the professional looking glossy finish that watershield media offers, and yet they are still able to ink-jet print directly onto these discs themselves with their own inkjet disc printers. Watershield discs are also very popular in higher humidity environments! Be sure to call GotMedia today to learn more about the advantages of watershield media!

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Back to School Supplies – For Educators

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin06 September 2016

September has arrived and summer is over and it is time to either begin shopping for back to school or if you are an educator or in the education industry, now is the time to start prepping for your courses. Do you know what syllabus you will be teaching? Is there a way to think outside the box and educate your students on the material, without having them lug around the heavy textbooks to and from classes? Perhaps putting interactive material on a blank disc, whether that is a Verbatim DVD-R that we have in Orange County or another type of blank media, these may be good options to begin educating your students on the newer technologies of teaching, rather than rely on traditional teaching methodologies.

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