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Disc Media Isn’t Going Away Anytime Soon!

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin28 February 2016

As more and more consumers realize the convenience and relative inexpensiveness of streaming video on-demand, the worry that disc-based physical media such as Blu-ray – a still-nascent format when compared to its younger brother DVD – will suffer and then die off intensifies. The very concept of premium VOD, which brings just-released movies from theaters to homes in mere weeks instead of months, has companies like AMC up in arms.

However, a new study alleges that despite the industry push toward digital distribution and rising adoption rate in homes of services like Netflix over recent years, Blu-ray, DVD and online content can all still get along.

An exclusive study culled from myriad data compiled by industry analysts like the Consumer Electronics Association was made available to entertainment news site Home Media Magazine. Despite past (and future) gains made by digital distribution, the study says it may not overtake the physical distribution model until 2021 for various reasons. Moreover, DVD still has some life in it — contrary to some previous reports.

“The portability and relatively inexpensive price point of the DVD help expand the lifespan of physical media,” reads the “Future of DVD” study. “Additionally, purchases of Blu-ray Discs and players jumped 86% in recent years, giving further evidence that physical media as the primary home video medium will take substantially longer to fade out than the demise of VHS over a decade ago.”

Considering how successful the 20-year-old DVD format continues to be, it’s unlikely to disappear anytime soon. The medium’s lingering popularity may also bode well for its successor’s lifespan, suggests the study.

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Photo Scanning Services to DVD-R

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin25 February 2016

It’s so very important to digitize old family photos to preserve them for generations to come. And as you may know, having a professional company scan your family photos and burn them onto DVD-Rs or BD-R media can be very expensive. However, with affordable do-it-yourself equipment from GotMedia, and different types of media that’s available to the casual consumer today, you may just consider doing it yourself! This could save you a lot of money and ultimately give you the control over the presentation, resolution, file/folder organization and even the printing of the discs themselves. You can also tackle any other archiving or media project such as creating DVD-Rs of your family videos! GotMedia in Orange County, CA is truly a one-stop-shop for all your equipment, supplies and media needs to help you accomplish your media archiving goals without having to pay for expensive professional services.

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Cost Per Disc with Rimage Everest

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin22 February 2016

You can make a great impression with your Everest Printer using the three paneled CMY ribbons that make full color artwork come to life with levels of vibrancy and detail unique to your Rimage Printer. With the highest print resolution in the industry, Everest Ribbons print at 600 dpi and provide scratch proof, waterproof and fade resistant finishes on your discs. Another spotlight feature with using Rimage Thermal Ribbons, is that with fixed yields, you can easily predict the cost per printed disc! Learn more at GotMedia by going to: today!

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Automated Disc Printers – Different Brands

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin18 February 2016 based in Orange County, CA has become the leading reseller of the industries top manufacturing brands of automated CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc printers. With advanced robotics, different disc capacities, special features, inkjet or thermal technologies working with all types of different disc media brands and printing surface variations, it can be a lot of information and options to digest; however it’s good to know that the experts at GotMedia have narrowed it down to only the most reliable and high performance automated disc printers available to choose from in their line up. The top brands that GotMedia sells is Epson, Microboards, Primera, Rimage and Teac… and there are different units to choose from within these top brands. So be sure to contact the experts at GotMedia to learn more about the leading brands of automated disc printers and publishers in the industry!

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Disc Printing – Best Practices

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin11 February 2016

If you plan to replicate, there are 2 options of disc printing; photo-offset and silk screen. Generally, if your design is 2D, non-photographic but rather flat like a logo and text over a colored background, or there is a specific color you are trying to achieve or match to, then silk screen with specific color book inks such as Pantone Inks are the best way to go. If your design is photographic or pixel based, then photo-offset is your best option. Photo-offset printing is very similar to how most magazines are printed. Many companies now silk screen onto blank CD-Rs and DVD-Rs for their internal processes and ability to burn discs that have a professional replicated look. So how about if you publish and print with your own equipment? The good news is that now days, there are many types of media options that have different finishes from glossy watershield to flat white or silver finishes giving you the ability to print both ink-jet or thermal methods directly on to the blank media itself for professional results. It’s important to use the correct media and the correct inks or thermal ribbons though… So the experts at GotMedia can help you select the right media and supplies to achieve your desired result!

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Some Advantages of Watershield Media

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin08 February 2016

GotMedia sells all types and brands of CD-R, DVD-R, DVD-DL and BD-R media at great prices. You may have heard of watershield media, which GotMedia also sells; and perhaps you would like to know what the advantages are to buying this type of media. Watershield media is unique in that it has a beautiful glossy finish, which also happens to be water resistant and much more durable against wear/tear and scratches compared to regular ink-jet printable media. Many of our clients love the professional looking glossy finish that watershield media offers, and yet they are still able to ink-jet print directly onto these discs themselves with their own inkjet disc printers. Watershield discs are also very popular in higher humidity environments! Be sure to call GotMedia today to learn more about the advantages of watershield media!

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CD/DVD/BD-R Media Supplies

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin04 February 2016

As far as CD DVD duplicators, publishers, printers and media goes, clients all over Orange County, CA and the entire nation, rely on for the best prices on their equipment and media needs. But what sets GotMedia apart, is that they also offer all of the necessary supplies to accompany their top products. Supplies such as CD DVD ink cartridges, CD DVD packaging, CD DVD thermal ribbons, DVD cases, CD DVD sleeves, etc. are available from GotMedia; making a true, convenient and reliable one-stop-shop source for ALL of our clients media AND supplies needs.

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