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USB Duplicators by NexCopy

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin28 January 2016

Nexcopy Incorporated manufactures our most popular USB duplicators, and Nexcopy is a global brand of flash memory duplicator solutions. Their cutting-edge technology in USB duplicator systems has lead the way for our clients who require simple or complex USB data loading. The unique line of Nexcopy duplicator systems; SD duplicator, microSD duplicator and CF duplicator, all provide flexible and expandable solutions for individuals and small businesses needing data-load and/or data-management equipment.

Innovation through focus is the core of Nexcopy’s success. Their high quality products with professionally designed style speaks to their commitment on both form and function. Here at GotMedia, we thank Nexcopy for Making data loading a simple process for our valued customers!

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Promotional Video using BD-R Media

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin25 January 2016

It’s good to know the tricks of the trade when preparing for your tradeshow booth. After all, you only get one chance to make a great first impression! It’s important to remember the essentials; brochures, business cards, discount handouts, friendly staff, samples or demos to show, etc. But it’s also a good idea to show off your product promotional video in beautiful HD resolution, and most likely looping on a nice HD screen for potential new leads to see from far away. One of the best tricks of the trade to accomplish this task, is to make a simple looping BD-R (blu-ray) disc that you can play on your blu-ray player. They also make great hand outs! This is so much more cost effective than replicating and packaging retail ready blu-ray discs, also because of the licensing it takes to do that, when really you just need to show the video in showrooms or trade shows; not for retail. So this is just another amazing tip from GotMedia in Orange County, CA of another great way to use BD-R media in order to really stand out with your business or product at your next tradeshow!

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JVC & Verbatim Waterproof Media

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin21 January 2016

In the professional CD and DVD duplication industry one of the downsides of inkjet printing for a long time was the issue of ink smudging if touched during the dry time, also it would smear if it came in contact with a liquid even after it was dry. We have since seen the introduction of waterproof inkjet media surfaces by top brands such as JVC and Verbatim. Waterproof inkjet media allows consumers and professionals alike to label CDs and DVDs with the ease and flexibility of using an inkjet printer combined with the advantages of a permanent waterproof surface. When you print on a waterproof inkjet CD-R or DVD-R, you not only get a glossy finished look much like glossy photo paper (which provides better color contrast), but you also get more protection against moisture, smudging and damage from the elements.

Check out our available line of Waterproof Inkjet DVD-R and Waterproof Inkjet CD-R.

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Marketing Using Automated Disc Towers

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin18 January 2016

You may be dead set on only promoting your business through DVDs – and whether you’re using DVD duplication to distribute your video, using DVD automated towers, DVD blank media in Orange County or the like, have you thought about using CDs as well? Could those training DVDs you are creating be given to your customers as an audio CD so that they can listen to instructions while they’re driving or in transport? Thinking outside the box can expand your business in many ways. What other the types of DVD (or disc) duplicating could help you market your business? Could you be using just an automated tower or if it’s a smaller project with minimal design needs, perhaps a disc thermal printer in black ink is the most efficient way to conduct your business. Be sure to talk to one of the knowledgable representatives at to explore all the ways using affordable disc media with your automated duplication towers can give your business a boost!

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Sony & Dolby on Ultra HD Disc Titles in 2016

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin14 January 2016

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is teaming with Dolby Laboratories Inc. to release a slate of titles in Dolby Atmos over the coming years, including Sony’s first films to be released in the 4K Ultra HD disc format.

Dolby Laboratories(NYSE: DLB) said its Dolby Atmos technology delivers audio that places and moves specific sounds anywhere in the room, including overhead, to bring entertainment alive all around the audience.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment’s first films to be released in the new 4K Ultra HD disc format with Dolby Atmos include “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” “Salt,” “Hancock,” “Chappie,” “Pineapple Express” and “The Smurfs 2” in early 2016. Additional titles will be announced throughout 2016 and beyond.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment President Man Jit Singh said adding Dolby Atmos to its content will give audiences “a rich, enveloping sound experience on both physical and digital formats, including the new 4K Ultra HD discs.”

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Rimage Ribbons – Supplies

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin11 January 2016

If you are an owner of an Everest CD/DVD printer, you should know that in order to keep your printer running well, you should clean the print heads every 2,000 prints, or more often if your printer is constantly printing discs. Gotmedia has cleaning kits along with all of the other supplies you need; ink cartridges, color ribbons, transfer ribbons and more. You can count n the Rimage Prism color system to deliver top quality printing results, whether it’s vector of photographic, at a low-cost per print… So when you need supplies for your Rimage CD/DVD printer, it’s good to know you can rely on GotMedia for all of your essential supplies at the very best prices available!

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Blank Disc Media Supplies in OC

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin07 January 2016

As far as CD DVD duplicators, publishers, printers and media goes, clients all over Orange County, CA and the entire nation, rely on for the best prices on their equipment and media needs. But what sets GotMedia apart, is that they also offer all of the necessary supplies to accompany their top products. Supplies such as CD DVD ink cartridges, CD DVD packaging, CD DVD thermal ribbons, DVD cases, CD DVD sleeves, etc. are available from GotMedia; making a true, convenient and reliable one-stop-shop source for ALL of our clients media AND supplies needs.

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Disc Media in 2016 – Going Strong!

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin04 January 2016

The use of recordable disc media is still going strong in 2016! I’m sure you’ve seen the various music compilation CDs and DVDs for sale on TV commercials as well as the usual specialized documentaries, biographies and of course all of the New Years resolution work out DVDs! In the corporate world the use of optical media is also still present with various distribution of training videos, user manuals, PDFs, new product demos, software testing, etc. just to name a few. Disney, like Clear Channel, is a long-time client that works with GotMedia for it’s quality archiving media solutions. Disney has a multitude of properties and titles that need to be archived in a clean and reliable way. Imagine the importance of having a clear record of every recording for historical and artifact purposes for a company such as Disney. That is where GotMedia comes into play – we are able to provide Disney with blank DVD-R media in Orange County.

We are letting you know about our top clients not just to showcase our reliability and capability of handling large clientele but also to give you an idea of how you can use blank DVD-R media. With all of the digital cloud services available today, physical media is still the most reliable and popular choice among professionals and one the reasons that blank CD and DVD media is still going strong in 2016!

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