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Filmmaker Media Workflow

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin26 October 2015

With so many exciting industry trends for indie filmmakers emerging, such as cross-media story telling, digital distribution opportunities, television as a platform for auteurs, crowdsourcing, etc. it’s important to have a sound workflow in order to create projects that are professional and stand out. Independent filmmaking is the most fun when filming, but the real planning and workflow needs to be worked out before you hit post-production. The first impression counts at film festivals, so before sending out the DVD screener to festivals, it’s a good idea to send out in various stages some raw cut DVD-Rs of different edits to trusted involved parties for feedback on final edits, graphics, script/narration, etc. Then when the film is 100% complete, it’s also a good idea to send out the DVD-R screener in the exact format that the festival requires for the best chance of being accepted. The media matters too, and GotMedia offers the best DVD-R and BD-R media to independent filmmakers for their submissions.

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Music Festivals in October

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin22 October 2015

We all know that summer is a great time for music festivals, but more and more of the best music festivals are now held in October, November and December. Is it because of the cooler temperatures? The harvesting of pumpkins? Maybe so, but it’s the best time of the year for art, music and wine festivals across the nation! So it’s also a good time for independent artists and bands to be able to distribute their music and art to many art and music loving patrons that attend these music festivals… Printed demo CDs are essential for the indie start-up band who can’t afford full retail CD replication, but still want to provide a professional looking physical product to represent them as a first impression. That’s why GotMedia sells high quality and professional looking media and CD DVD printing equipment for the do-it-yourselfer; perfect for artists and musicians everywhere to be able to come together and share their creativity both quickly and reliably at these fall music festivals!

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Education Industry Using USB Flash Drives

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin15 October 2015

College professors in the education industry know that when preparing to teach their courses, they need to provide their students with a handful of supplement reading materials and a course outline; generally known as a syllabus. In the past, these were printed and handed out and/or purchased from the college book store. However, more professors are learning that with the advent of USB drive duplication technology, they can save the paper, ink and printing costs associated with creating and handing out physical reading materials simply by duplicating the reading content on to affordable USB drives using USB duplicator technology. Hundreds of flash drives with electronic, searchable PDF files related to the course content can be duplicated and handed out to the students for a fraction of the cost to print. It can also be done on day 1 of the class, consistently making sure every student has the needed course outline from the start. What better way is there to distribute ever-changing course content every semester to their students? And of course the experts at GotMedia have the duplicators and media that college educators need to help support them!

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Teac & Primera Brands

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin12 October 2015

There are a lot of brands out in the market today and it can get quite confusing on which you should trust, and which to purchase from for your future disc manufacturing related needs. Two prominent brands in the market today are Teac and Primera. Each of these brands have been around for decades, with great reputations. Now we’d like to help demystify the brands and help you understand the differences between each. We currently offer Teach duplicators such as teh new auto-publisher printer. This auto-publisher is a full automated 2-DVD drive publishing system, with choices of TEAC 4800dpi color inkjet printing or TEAC color dye-sub thermal. We also offer the best in duplicator technology with Primera products, as well. We offer the Primera Bravo 4100 model  and we know that this particular model is 20 times faster than other competitors with similar print qualities. Primera offers fast desktop disc printers and publishers. you really can’t go wrong with either brand, however be sure to call the experts at GotMedia to help you select the perfect brand for your disc publishing needs.

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Siemens – Client Spotlight

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin08 October 2015

Many of you have most likely heard of Siemens. They are a large, multinational engineering and electronics company that has selected Got Media to run many of their corporate training manuals for their new employees. One of the difficult aspects of starting a new job is the onboarding process of learning new processes and rules of the company. One way to ensure an easier and more smooth transition around this is to create corporate training manuals on blank DVD-R.

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Converting Home Movies to DVD-R

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin05 October 2015

Let’s not forget to face that many of our precious family home movies that currently reside on old VHS, Hi-8 cassette or mini-dv tape formats aren’t getting any younger; and it may be time to finally convert those one of a kind family movies to DVD-R media for safe, longtime archiving before it’s too late and the tapes deteriorate! There are companies that offer these services, but honestly, they are usually way too expensive for what you can do it yourself for! You can use the original camera if you have it, or a stand-alone deck to source the video tapes, then connect the output cables either into a DVD-R recorder deck or your computer. Mac users usually use Final Cut Pro software to capture and digitize the video which makes a nice QuickTime file to use for cropping, editing, etc. You can then burn your own collection of videos on to DVD-R discs. Finally, the media you choose does matter – you want to be sure you are using quality media to ensure your videos are safe and archived properly for the long-run. There are also all kinds of DVD-R media types, including different surfaces for labeling or printing. To get started on converting your home movies yourself, be sure to talk to the experts at who can make sure you have the right equipment and media to get the job(s) done right!

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