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Popularity of Multi-disc Box-Sets

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin28 September 2015

Have you noticed more and more DVD or CD disc multi-disc sets that are excusively for sale on TV commercials or infomercials? It seems everything from various favorite music genres, language lessons, real-estate investment schemes/techniques to the latest work out programs are available all for purchase only if you call the number on the screen! The reason we are seeing such a rise in popularity of multi-disc sets is because disc media is still a great way to offer unique content to the public, and it is very cost effective way to distribute; so the obvious variation in price you see in these types of multi-disc sets on TV usually depends on what the intellectual property or product actually is. Combine this with our love affair with collections of our favorite things or things we wish to learn/enjoy as consumers, as well as our laziness to try to attempt such a collection on our own, and you can see why multi-disc sets are being offered to us more and more. If you have a product or collection of videos or music that you’d like to assemble into a multi-disc set of your own, be sure to contact the experts at GotMedia for the right media to use. Who knows, maybe your multi-disc set will be the next thing everyone just has to have!

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Do-It-Yourself Disc Publishing Equipment

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin24 September 2015

Companies often times outsource their media distribution needs to a CD DVD duplication company, or replication plant before really looking into ways they can burn, duplicate and print their discs in-house; potentially saving a lot of overhead. Replication plants usually require a 1000 count minimum quantity, yet sometimes companies would like to distribute PDFs of quarterly earnings or a training video for example at a lower quantity; internally to their employees only. Duplication houses can be pricey to have them duplicate, print and package CDs or DVDs for them. That’s why GotMedia sells all-in-one automated disc publishers that you can literally take out of the box, plug into the wall, load the ink and discs and publish the desired quantity of discs with minimal cost and supervision. Thanks to the emergence of these wonderful do-it-yourself disc publishers, more and more companies are bringing their media duplication and printing needs in-house. Call GotMedia 1-866-409-1090 to learn more about which system can work best for your companies’ needs!

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Training Videos Using DVD-Rs

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin21 September 2015

Companies within various manufacturing industries are often faced with figuring out the best way to train their new workers to the standards of the company. If it’s a chain business, then consistency in the processes are paramount. Many printed handbooks are now being provided as PDFs on CD-R media, in multiple languages, to their employees, however expert trainers realize that video is the best way to really show their workers how to operate sensitive machinery and follow specific processes; which can also be offered in multiple languages. A simple “how to” video recording of employees following company guidelines and standards is the perfect way to train new workers for consistency. That’s why companies that GotMedia in Orange County, CA work with no longer use DVD replication plants to create copies of training videos for internal training; rather with the advent of do-it-yourself DVD-R publishers, these companies create the exact number of discs they need, when they need it, updated when it’s time to update it, and publish using high quality media they get from

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Rimage: Full-Color Thermal Ribbons

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin17 September 2015

Rimage thermal ribbons, available at at great prices, produce the highest print quality across all of the different media types. From the unprecedented speed and durability of Everest™ printing to robust inkjet printing, Rimage ribbons and ink offer single and multi-color pallet capabilities that result in vibrant and beautiful image printing and clear, crisp text. Authentic Rimage full-color, monochrome and retransfer ribbons create bold color images and a sturdy and professional finish onto your discs for all of your data publishing, distribution and storage needs. Call one of our knowledgeable representatives to learn more about the powerful results that Rimage Thermal Ribbons can provide!

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Using Disc Media for your Next Tradeshow

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin14 September 2015

It’s good to know the tricks of the trade when preparing for your tradeshow booth. After all, you only get one chance to make a great first impression! It’s important to remember the essentials; brochures, business cards, discount handouts, friendly staff, samples or demos to show, etc. But it’s also a good idea to show off your product promotional video in beautiful HD resolution, and most likely looping on a nice HD screen for potential new leads to see from far away. One of the best tricks of the trade to accomplish this task, is to make a simple looping BD-R (blu-ray) disc that you can play on your blu-ray player. They also make great hand outs! This is so much more cost effective than replicating and packaging retail ready blu-ray discs, also because of the licensing it takes to do that, when really you just need to show the video in showrooms or trade shows; not for retail. So this is just another amazing tip from GotMedia in Orange County, CA of another great way to use BD-R media in order to really stand out with your business or product at your next tradeshow!

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According to – DVDs Not Dead Yet!

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin10 September 2015

Yes we all now there has been a steady decline in recent years in sales of DVDs and Blu-rays, however unlike deteriorating VHS tapes, optical disc media serves many purposes in the industry still; and the physical product component plays a big part in why disc media will hang on for years to come. According to, there are six significant reasons as to why DVDs and Blu-rays are not dead yet.
1.) Kids need it – we still do not have vehicles with rolling wi-fi hot-spots yet they still come with DVD players – while on vacation, it makes sense to bring along your kids favorite movies. It’s also a much better value.
2.) The industry’s own marketing says so – many entertainment companies sell multiple ways to get the content. That means if you buy a disc, you also get to access the digital copy, a “combo-pack” strategy that is now an industry cornerstone.
3.) Specialization — with a range of areas from sports to music to fitness to spiritualism, vast realms and small niche industries exist where the marketing opportunities and venues may be greater for physical discs than digital files.
4.) Blu-ray still the best HD – HD content viewed on the finest Retina tablet display or LCD flat screen can’t come close to a Blu-ray. Gaming platforms, such as the PlayStation 4 or X-box, will continue to drive significant Blu-ray business.
5.) Collector’s Choice – cloud DVRs are just now rolling out from MSOs like Comcast, and already there are questions about the cost and feasibility of bandwidth and storage. Old-school DVD collecting, while it involved an initial pricetag, didn’t get progressively more expensive the more you bought.
6.) For a lot of Americans, it works – The media/industry narrative around the death of DVD and supremacy of digital doesn’t match the reality of most U.S. markets outside of New York, L.A., San Francisco and a small handful of other enclaves. Battered by recession and indifferent to aesthetics or the futuristic potential of cloud storage, they are happy to rent cheap discs from Redbox (whose kiosks outnumber McDonald’s and Starbucks outlets combined).

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Waterproof Media – JVC & Verbatim

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin07 September 2015

In the professional CD and DVD duplication industry one of the downsides of inkjet printing for a long time was the issue of ink smudging if touched during the dry time, also it would smear if it came in contact with a liquid even after it was dry. We have since seen the introduction of waterproof inkjet media surfaces by top brands such as JVC and Verbatim. Waterproof inkjet media allows consumers and professionals alike to label CDs and DVDs with the ease and flexibility of using an inkjet printer combined with the advantages of a permanent waterproof surface. When you print on a waterproof inkjet CD-R or DVD-R, you not only get a glossy finished look much like glossy photo paper (which provides better color contrast), but you also get more protection against moisture, smudging and damage from the elements.

Check out our available line of Waterproof Inkjet DVD-R and Waterproof Inkjet CD-R.

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Archiving Strategy: Using Optical Disc Media

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin03 September 2015

There are a lot backup methods people use when archiving important data and media files. For example, some use cloud services, which isn’t great for large file sizes, and some use reduntant external HDs… but when it really needs to be organized on an ongoing basis, stored safely and within a working system that can be followed each time you archive, we found that archiving using optical disc media such as DVD-R or BD-R media, with the names of the contents copied into a database file for quick retrieval, is the very best method. This way, no power source is necessary for the HD media itself and they can be easily stored with confidence of reliability; while the database tells you which numbered discs the contents you are looking for are on. So using quality media, a naming convention that can grow with you as long as you are backing up projects and a database for search ability and organization is definitely the way to go! Call a GotMedia specialist for more information on how you can utilize the different media formats available to you for you business!

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