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Multi-Disc Sets – As Seen on TV

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin30 March 2015

Have you noticed more and more DVD or CD disc multi-disc sets that are excusively for sale on TV commercials or infomercials? It seems everything from various favorite music genres, language lessons, real-estate investment schemes/techniques to the latest work out programs are available all for purchase only if you call the number on the screen! The reason we are seeing such a rise in popularity of multi-disc sets is because disc media is still a great way to offer unique content to the public, and it is very cost effective way to distribute; so the obvious variation in price you see in these types of multi-disc sets on TV usually depends on what the intellectual property or product actually is. Combine this with our love affair with collections of our favorite things or things we wish to learn/enjoy as consumers, as well as our laziness to try to attempt such a collection on our own, and you can see why multi-disc sets are being offered to us more and more. If you have a product or collection of videos or music that you’d like to assemble into a multi-disc set of your own, be sure to contact the experts at GotMedia for the right media to use. Who knows, maybe your multi-disc set will be the next thing everyone just has to have!

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Waterproof CD & DVD Media

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin26 March 2015

In the professional CD and DVD duplication industry one of the downsides of inkjet printing for a long time was the issue of ink smudging if touched during the dry time, also it would smear if it came in contact with a liquid even after it was dry. We have since seen the introduction of waterproof inkjet media surfaces by top brands such as JVC and Verbatim. Waterproof inkjet media allows consumers and professionals alike to label CDs and DVDs with the ease and flexibility of using an inkjet printer combined with the advantages of a permanent waterproof surface. When you print on a waterproof inkjet CD-R or DVD-R, you not only get a glossy finished look much like glossy photo paper (which provides better color contrast), but you also get more protection against moisture, smudging and damage from the elements.

Check out our available line of Waterproof Inkjet DVD-R and Waterproof Inkjet CD-R.

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True HD Resolution with BD-R

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin23 March 2015

I’m sure you’ve heard high definition described simply as 1920x1080i or 720i, but did you know that a true high definition resolution isn’t just the pixel dimension that your HD TV can display… consider the source. I’m sure you’ve seen the difference between your HD channels and SD channels from your TV cable or satellite provider, or maybe you’ve seen when browsing the internet the option to stream a video in HD format. Also on the internet, through TV video services or through i-Tunes, you can download an HD MPEG-4 file; but did you know that none of these formats are actually “true HD” as in uncompressed or not in a streaming format? Most video formats delivered to our TVs are compressed or progessive in some way, but it’s only through Blu-ray disc, or BD-R media that video can be displayed at a full HD resolution with minimal compression at all, because it doesn’t have to stream through the internet or cable service. BD-R media has the capacity to hold very large uncompressed HD video files with no streaming necessary!

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Training Using DVD-R

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin19 March 2015

Companies within various manufacturing industries are often faced with figuring out the best way to train their new workers to the standards of the company. If it’s a chain business, then consistency in the processes are paramount. Many printed handbooks are now being provided as PDFs on CD-R media, in multiple languages, to their employees, however expert trainers realize that video is the best way to really show their workers how to operate sensitive machinery and follow specific processes; which can also be offered in multiple languages. A simple “how to” video that follows company guidelines and standards is the perfect way to train new workers. That’s why companies that GotMedia in Orange County, CA work with no longer use DVD replication plants to create copies of training videos for internal training; rather with the advent of do-it-yourself DVD-R publishers, these companies create the exact number of discs they need, when they need it, updated when it’s time to update it, and publish using high quality media they get from

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Manual PDFs on CD-R

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin16 March 2015

In an ongoing effort to reduce costs and be more environmentally friendly, many companies that traditionally have had to print large manuals, such as operating manuals, warranties, instructional, training, etc. are now burning the PDFs onto CD-Rs and distributing the CDs; instead of the heavy and thick printed books. Not only are CD-Rs light, easy and cost effective to package, but it also allows companies to provide the necessary documentation to their customers or staff in a way that saves a lot of paper, ink, binding, printing costs, etc. Also, the user can use the search function in their PDF viewing software to locate any part of the manual or catalog via appropriate search terms; making the documents a lot more user friendly.

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Rimage Ribbons, Ink Cartridges & Supplies

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin12 March 2015

If you are an owner of an Everest CD/DVD printer, you should know that in order to keep your printer running well, you should clean the print heads every 2,000 prints, or more often if your printer is constantly printing discs. Gotmedia has cleaning kits along with all of the other supplies you need; ink cartridges, color ribbons, transfer ribbons and more. You can count n the Rimage Prism color system to deliver top quality printing results, whether it’s vector of photographic, at a low-cost per print… So when you need supplies for your Rimage CD/DVD printer, it’s good to know you can rely on GotMedia for all of your essential supplies at the very best prices available!

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Silver Ink-Jet Disc Printing Designs

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin09 March 2015

Graphic designers are taught to utilize the “canvas” of whatever the target media or print surface may be for their designs; billboards, paper, boxes, POP display packaging, TV monitors, etc. This is one reason why many of our creative clients choose silver inkjet disc media over discs that have a traditional white flood. Not only is the media typically more cost effective, the silver reflective surface also offers a reflective sheen that the white discs do not offer; and that negative space for many designers is just the thing that helps make their disc face design stand out over the rest. For example, something as simple as a 2D flat logo design, printed on silver ink-jet disc media can result in a very impressive, powerful and strong design to accompany the rest of their high quality first impression type packaging design. So for your next “knock it out of the park” media design project, consider the advantages that the silver print surface can offer for your design!

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New JVC High-Gloss DVD-R & CD-R Media

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin05 March 2015

To answer the needs for a more attractive and professional looking disc, JVC Advanced Media has developed a NEW High-Gloss Inkjet surface. To mitigate the risks of frequent operational stops on automated disc publishers, JVC engineered a High-Gloss surface that improves drying time and surface durability while dramatically reducing the stickiness of the coating. JVC High-Gloss blank media delivers outstanding, vivid image quality and eliminates frustrating production slowdowns.
- 20X more glossy than standard JVC Matte Inkjet media
- 1.2X faster drying time
- 2.3X more durable print surface
It’s well known that Glossy inkjet media products currently available in the market usually have a much longer drying time after printing which leads to “sticking problems”. This problem occurs because of the extreme difficulty balancing the surface’s glossiness with the drying time during manufacturing. Thanks to decades of accumulated knowledge manufacturing professional grade blank media optimized for disc publishers & printers, JVC Advanced Media has succeeded in finding the optimal balance. Because of this JVC is now able to offer the best quality and the most functional High-Gloss inkjet media products in the market.

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