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Chain Restaurant Kitchen Training – DVD-R

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin30 January 2015

Most chain restaurants rely on their consistency of food preparation across their different locations for brand strength. This means that how the food is prepared and how the kitchens are maintained is paramount for their success. Most major chains rely on video training their staff and new employees to all of the specific procedures unique and critical to their business success. But did you know that the best and most cost effective way to distribute the video training to their employees is through duplicated DVD-R media? It’s true! Most people can play a DVD-R in almost anything; their computers, laptops, DVD-R player, Blu-ray player, X-Box, Playstation and even their cars or trucks if new enough! No internet or streaming service is required, and with DVD-R media being such a reliable and affordable option, this makes it so that restaurants that roll out new menu items or products can easily train their staff by recording the procedures to video and DVD-R media for internal distribution and further training.

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Disc-At-Once CD Burning with Sound Forge Pro

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin26 January 2015

There are always a lot new products being introduced in our industry and a lot of these products are revealed in major conventions like NAMM 2015. We’ve just learned that Sony Creative Software has released a free 2.5 update to Sound Forge Pro Mac, and a Version 3 upgrade to SpectraLayers Pro (Windows/Mac). What’s great, is that the free 2.5 update for Sound Forge Pro: Advanced Audio Waveform Editor now features disc-at-once CD burning, the Wave Hammer compressor/limiter plug-in, a stand-alone Convert Batch Processing Automation Tool and other improvements! Other news to note is that he award-winning SpectraLayers Pro: Advanced Audio Spectrum Editor has been given a version upgrade as well that includes a redesigned interface, eight-channel surround support, faster processing and more… These are all very exciting upgrades!

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Pre-Screening BD-R/DVD-R Requirements

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin19 January 2015

Many experienced independent film makers and documentary producers are familiar with submitting their work to film festivals, streaming purchase sites and/or pre-screening events. They know that the technical requirements for how the BD-R or DVD-R is to be formatted usually are very specific, or the film could be rejected with not enough time to re-author a new disc! For example, to submit a DVD film to Amazon for purchase, the DVD-R needs to be a single VTS without any menus or other video tracks included; just one VTS structure containing a set of VOB files for the one VTS. The disc media needs to be high quality as well, to avoid any potential compatibility issues. When you’ve spent an enormous budget on your film or documentary, be sure to wrap up the most important yet inexpensive tangible asset at the end so that your submission to your next big event goes smoothly!

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Do-it-Yourself Disc Publishing Equipment

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin15 January 2015

Technology has advanced to the point of putting services that used to cost a small fortune having to utilize media duplication/replication companies, into the hands of the do-it-yourself consumer. It is now very affordable for the individual or small business to handle the media publishing, duplicating, printing and distributing needs they have, all themselves; utilizing state of the art disc publishing and printing equipment and supplies all available at Now the control of exact quantities, quality of print, updates and revisions, etc. can be in your hands. Many small businesses, and even large corporations have stopped outsourcing disc publishing and have brought it in-house to have the flexibility, control over quantities and cost savings for whatever their immediate needs may be – from software releases, in-house quarterly documents distribution, marketing videos, training discs, etc. Call one of the knowledgeable representatives at GotMedia to learn more about disc publishing equipment that puts the power in your hands.

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Tradeshow Preparations

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin12 January 2015

It’s good to know the tricks of the trade when preparing for your tradeshow booth. After all, you only get one chance to make a great first impression! It’s important to remember the essentials; brochures, business cards, discount handouts, friendly staff, samples or demos to show, etc. But it’s also a good idea to show off your product promotional video in beautiful HD resolution, and most likely looping on a nice HD screen for potential new leads to see from far away. One of the best tricks of the trade to accomplish this task, is to make a simple looping BD-R (blu-ray) disc that you can play on your blu-ray player. They also make great hand outs! This is so much more cost effective than replicating and packaging retail ready blu-ray discs, also because of the licensing it takes to do that, when really you just need to show the video in showrooms or trade shows; not for retail. So this is just another amazing tip from GotMedia in Orange County, CA of another great way to use BD-R media in order to really stand out with your business or product at your next tradeshow!

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Best Archiving Practices

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin08 January 2015

There are a lot backup methods people use when archiving important data and media files. For example, some use cloud services, which isn’t great for large file sizes, and some use reduntant external HDs… but when it really needs to be organized on an ongoing basis, stored safely and within a working system that can be followed each time you archive, we found that archiving using optical disc media such as DVD-R or BD-R media, with the names of the contents copied into a database file for quick retrieval, is the very best method. This way, no power source is necessary for the media itself and they can be easily stored with confidence of reliability; while the database tells you which numbered discs the contents you are looking for are on. So using quality media, a naming convention that can grow with you as long as you are backing up projects and a database for search ability and organization is definitely the way to go! Call a GotMedia specialist for more information on how you can utilize the different media formats available to you for you business!

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3 Disc Media New Years Resolutions

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin05 January 2015

Happy New Year! It’s that time of year to get organized, finish that project you started last year, lose weight, etc. We’ve put together 3 ideas for you to utilize affordable disc media for some of your New Year’s Resolutions!
1.) Get all of your precious family photos from all of your devices and computers archived onto CD-Rs, DVD-Rs or even a BD-R; depending on the size of your photo library. Disc media is an excellent choice for archiving, as discs do not require their own power source and they are very reliable if stored properly for years and years.
2.) Make mix-CDs of your favorite music from your music library! These are great, fun to make, and it’s also another great way to archive your music.
3.) Eliminate the clutter and get your important paper documents & records scanned and archived into a nice set of discs for storage, search-ability and quick retrieval.

These are just 3 ideas, but you get the idea! Disc media such as DVD-Rs can store your videos, photos, music, important documents, etc. and at such a low cost, there really isn’t a better option out there!

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