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Duplication Towers – Newer Features

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin30 December 2014

Traditionally, CD-R/DVD-R Duplication Towers had the ability to copy whatever was on a master disc, to the drives in the tower; usually 5, 7 or 10 at a time. But did you know the newer towers being manufactured by top brands in the industry can do so much more! Most towers now can be daisy chained, can store masters on an internal HD for faster retrieval and duplication of most duplicated titles, can source dual-layered DVD-R DL masters as well as BD-R media and can be connected to a MAC or PC for disc image transfers to the internal HD. Many towers now can also use the copy drives to be designated as another source drive, if you need to make copies of multiple masters at the same time. Also, many towers now have track extraction features so that you can make custom audio CDs from your masters. It’s truly amazing how the technology has advanced over the years and it’s great to know that GotMedia has all of the latest duplication towers that are available to you from the leading brands in the industry!

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Rimage Thermal Ribbons

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin18 December 2014

Rimage thermal ribbons, available at at great prices, produce the highest print quality across all of the different media types. From the unprecedented speed and durability of Everest™ printing to robust inkjet printing, Rimage ribbons and ink offer single and multi-color pallet capabilities that result in vibrant and beautiful image printing and clear, crisp text. Authentic Rimage full-color, monochrome and retransfer ribbons create bold color images and a sturdy and professional finish onto your discs for all of your data publishing, distribution and storage needs. Call one of our knowledgeable representatives to learn more about the powerful results that Rimage Thermal Ribbons can provide!

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Concert Choirs Holiday CDs

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin15 December 2014

It’s that time of year again! Concert choirs for middle schools, high schools, colleges, Churches, etc. everywhere are getting into the spirit of Christmas and putting on their annual Holiday concerts in their communities. A lot of rehearsals and hard work can go into these special seasonal concerts, and the participants, as well as their audiences, may want to remember the experience and beautiful music for years to come. Now with the advent of affordable live recording CD/DVD publishers, duplication towers and disc printers, all available at GotMedia for great prices, these Holiday Concert CD-Rs can be ready for sale immediately; in some cases by the end of the concert! Also, GotMedia knows many family members record these concerts with their personal video cameras, and are looking for ways they can easily create 40-50 copies of their recording/footage for everyone involved in the concert to have. GotMedia also sells affordable duplication equipment and high quality media for the casual home user as well… GotMedia is here to help with all of your Holiday Media needs!

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Training Within Manufacturing – Utilizing DVD-R Media

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin08 December 2014

Companies within various manufacturing industries are often faced with figuring out the best way to train their new workers to the standards of the company. If it’s a chain business, then consistency in the processes are paramount. Many printed handbooks are now being provided as PDFs on CD-R media, in multiple languages, to their employees, however expert trainers realize that video is the best way to really show their workers how to operate sensitive machinery and follow specific processes; which can also be offered in multiple languages. A simple “how to” video that follows company guidelines and standards is the perfect way to train new workers. That’s why companies that GotMedia in Orange County, CA work with no longer use DVD replication plants to create copies of training videos for internal training; rather with the advent of do-it-yourself DVD-R publishers, these companies create the exact number of discs they need, when they need it, updated when it’s time to update it, and publish using high quality media they get from

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Blank Media Needs

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin04 December 2014

There are still many needs for disc media in the music, video production, photography, medical, auto, and retail industries just to name a few – clients for ad agencies review DVD-R and Blu-ray check discs, radio stations still archive their playlists on CD-Rs, doctors provide x-rays and ultra sound results recorded on to disc media, photographers deliver photo sets on CD, auto makers publish warranty and owner’s manual PDFs on CDs in glove box kits now, and the list goes on and on. Disc media has many production and archive uses and has an advantage in reliable storage that is cost effective; not needing a power source to store the data is just one, and the cost per disc is another. Disc media has become the great solution to many needs that companies face with internal training or even looping high quality show-room or tradeshow videos of new products. How can disc media help in your industry?

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