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Archiving With Blu-ray Disc Media

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin25 September 2014

In this digital age we live in, more and more important and vital documents and data for companies exist in an electronic format. Data archiving used to be an expensive endeavor, but you may be unfamiliar with the most cost effective and reliable way to archive; on to blu-ray disc media. Many people now are familiar with blu-ray being able to store high definition, high quality video, movies, video games, etc. However, blu-ray media is also the superior choice for archiving important and large amounts of data. Why? Tape drives and HDD’s are good for backing up temporarily, but are not long-term solutions. The main benefits of archiving using blu-ray discs are 1.) reduced risk of data loss, 2.) reduced storage costs, and 3.) long term data retention and reliability. There are different types of blu-ray discs for archiving, so be sure to call one of GotMedia’s knowledgeable representatives for more information on which blu-ray brand best fits your archiving needs.

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Optical Media Still Strong

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin22 September 2014

Even though it may appear that we’ve been slowly moving away from optical media, with music on our iPods or iPhones, and so many streaming video options, according to ExtremeTech, recent studies show that many consumers still prefer physical discs; especially in the video gaming industry. Other fields, such as medical imaging, software development and retail Blu-ray manufacturing are still going strong utilizing the compatibility and reliability of optical media. This makes sense because if you think about it, there are many practical uses for media, and that pretty much anyone can load and play it. A DVD-R for example will play on any DVD player, Blu-ray player, most computers made in the last decade and will most likely play in your car! Can you stream or download in your car? Maybe you can on your cell phone, through a mobile network, but quality and download speeds are still an issue. GotMedia in Orange County, CA offers virtually every optical media solution for many industries, and remains the go-to option for companies looking to buy quality media at affordable prices.

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Educators Partnering with GotMedia

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin11 September 2014

We all know that September means that Summer is over, and the schools are all back in session. Now that School is back, so are the demands that educators face when it comes to technology and media. Educators use all sorts of media to teach their students – DVDs, CDs, Blu-ray discs, etc. and students also have growing needs for media. Many school projects such as the DVD Year Book, recording the school band or choir, distributing DVDs of the football season just to name a few, are now becoming more and more the norm. Knowing this ongoing need for fast and reliable media, GotMedia offers our teachers and students the best prices available for any of their media needs! And you can bet we have it in stock ready to go as well. Contact GotMedia for more information on how we can best meet your specific media needs!

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Primera Ink Cartridges for Bravo Series Disc Publishers

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin08 September 2014

It’s no wonder you’re running your Bravo Disc Publisher night and day with the beautiful output, ease of use and high praises coming from reviewers of the Primera Bravo Series disc publishers. These publishers are such great printers, and they run forever! Well do not fear, when you’re ready for more ink, it’s good to know that GotMedia stocks all Primera Ink Cartridges that you may need for your Bravo disc publisher, and it’s also good to know that you can go to GotMedia as your one-stop-shop for your Primera Ink Cartridges at the best prices available! Go to to learn more!

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Rimage Everest Thermal Ribbons – Predictable Cost Per Printed Disc

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin05 September 2014

You can make a great impression with your Everest Printer using the three paneled CMY ribbons that make full color artwork come to life with levels of vibrancy and detail unique to your Rimage Printer. With the highest print resolution in the industry, Everest Ribbons print at 600 dpi and provide scratch proof, waterproof and fade resistant finishes on your discs. Another spotlight feature with using Rimage Thermal Ribbons, is that with fixed yields, you can easily predict the cost per printed disc! Learn more at GotMedia by going to: today!

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Epson DiscProducer Ink

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin04 September 2014

Epson has always led the way when it comes to innovating and developing quality ink solutions… but what you may not have known, is that for the Epson DiscProducer PP-100 auto-printer sold here at GotMedia in Orange County, CA, Epson has developed a 6 color individual, high-capacity, dye based ink solution – the absolute best in its class for crisp, clear text printing and vibrant graphics. You can print over a thousand or more discs without changing cartridges, and with an LED readout for each color, you can change out just the one that’s low.

Epson always delivers on it’s promise to be the best in it’s class!

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