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Brand Spotlight: Primera

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin17 June 2014

There are several manufacturers on the market that offer similar products in the blank media industry. However, there are companies that may not necessarily have all aspects of the industry cornered. Some may offer duplicators, some may offer printers, or blank media – not all offer all of them though. Primera is a good example of a company that does offer many products that will service various areas of your needs. GotMedia carries Primera duplicators, including the new “all in one” disc publishing system, Bravo SE. This combines a fast, automated, robot-like duplication for both CDs and DVDs. With duplicators, you may not think you need printers; however, printing is a completely own need. Luckily the Bravo SE product also includes the printing needs of a duplication project.

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UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin10 June 2014

Often times, companies think hiring a DVD duplication or DVD replication company in Orange County is the way to go. This might not be the best way to maximize your bottom dollar. Tower duplicators in Orange County at GotMedia has a wide range of CD and DVD tower duplicators. There are top brands such as Microboards, Pioneer, Microtech, Teac, and Rimage making GotMedia a real one stop shop, full service company for all of your tower duplicator systems. Tower duplicators are so easy to use, very user friendly. To find out all the specifications for all of our products, please give us a call. We can keep you informed on all of our blank media products for your CD and DVD media as well.

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Jack in the Box DVD Training Sessions

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin06 June 2014

Many large retailers that have brick and mortar locations that span across the United States often times need a means to train all of their employees in a clear, effective way. Many companies often times print out paper manuals. This is a fine way to give your new employees a way to reference all of a company’s policies and standards. There are other ways that a company can train their employees however. Some larger corporates often times send their employees to a training at a single location to get onsite, hands on training. This can be quite costly depending on the number of employees you must train. One effective way to train many employees is through training DVDs. Training DVDs can be made through DVD blank media in Orange County. One of our clients, Jack in the Box, employs GotMedia for us to duplicate their DVDs by purchasing our DVD blank media discs. We can do the same for you at a large discounted price, depending upon how many discs you will need. Call us for more information!

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Microtech Product Expansion

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin03 June 2014

One of the brands we admire and respect for its high quality, range in products, and overall consistency is MicroTech. They have a wide variety of production environments that can cover printing for several different types of discs. The Xpress XL disc publisher has up to twelve recorders that operate independently for highest production speeds regardless if all the discs need to be duplicated or each disc is unique for publishing purposes. The Xpress XL is just one version of the disc publisher which includes an 800 capacity robotic handler. This can also easily integrate into PCs through a networked environment. There are several different disc publishers that Microtech carries and since we want to give our customers the best, we also carry them at a fraction of the cost. Looking through Microtech duplicators on our site you can see the wide range in selection.

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