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Disc Duplication Basics

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin20 April 2014

Ever wonder the inner workings of the CD or DVD duplication process? You may be curious to know how this process begins and it is very similar to burning a CD or DVD on your PC. The process begins with producing a glass-master of the disc. Once the glass-master is created, the contents of the master CD or DVD is loaded into hard drives. Once this is completed, the data is transferred to the duplication towers. At a high level of accuracy and speed, the duplicators duplicate the CD or DVD. A high level quality is controlled by the hardware on the burning towers. In the disc duplication process, if any of the DVD is not properly duplicated, then the automatic hardware on the duplicator then identifies that and the duplication tower should then discard the DVD.

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BD-R Thermal Printer

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin16 April 2014

Thermal printable blu-ray media has been used by many duplication companies. There are several popular thermal printers that stand out in the industry that you should be well aware of when making your decision on the next purchase. Teac and Rimage offer the best in BD-R thermal printers in Orange County. Rimage blank media products work well with the Everest full color thermal printer and the Teac products work with the P-55 color thermal printers. MAM-A, Microboards and other brands are also reputable that produce their own printable BD-R. These blu-ray discs feature a super hard coating that protects discs from scratches.

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Medical Media DVD-R Needs in Orange County

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin11 April 2014

Are you in the medical imaging industry or the medical industry in general and need a way to compactly keep all of your patient files? Electronic medical records are the way of the future and is an efficient way of conducting your office. The immediate patient welfare is entirely dependent on how you keep their medical records, how you keep track of all the blood tests and results that your patients go through. The worst feeling a patient can feel is that their caretakers do not take care of paperwork on their behalf. Medical CD-R and DVD-R media will incorporate a specially developed proprietary recording dye that will provide high quality data recording at all writing speeds. There is a long archival life when you store these digitally on discs and can protect critical patient data. This type of medical media DVD-R technology employs a special manufacturing and testing control procedure that will ensure that each Medical DVD-R is the highest quality for your patients. GotMedia has several types of these discs by a leading manufacturer, MAM-A, that you can check on our website.

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Yoga or Exercise Instructional DVDs

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin09 April 2014

Think about any industry that happened to have their methods and teachings on VHS? Remember those? Well whether you are teaching your students the correct form through yoga DVDs or any of the trendy DVDs out on the market now – in the way of T25, Insanity, Jillian Michaels, or any other exercise infomercial on TV, you may have a business that could benefit from marketing DVDs to your clientele. Traditionally, companies like to outsource the duplication or replication services in Los Angeles to major replication companies. This can be useful especially if you have large quantities you are expecting to sell or give to your clients. However, if you have anything in the range of 1000 discs needed at a time, purchasing your own automated duplicator or tower duplicator can actually be more business efficient for you. This means you will need to source your own blank media and the like; however, if you plan to make multiple runs of this type of format in these quantities, it is better to conduct this on your own.

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Marketing Tips: Which Services Should You Use?

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin07 April 2014

You may be dead set on only promoting your business through DVD needs – whether that’s DVD duplication, DVD automated towers, DVD blank media in Orange County or the like, but what about CDs? Could those training DVDs you are creating be given to your customers as an audio CD so that they can listen to instructions while they’re driving or in transport? Thinking outside the box can expand your business in many ways. What about the types of DVD (or disc) duplicating you need done? Could you be using just an automated tower or if it’s a smaller project with minimal design needs, perhaps a disc thermal printer in black ink is the most efficient way to conduct your business.

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Full Service Marketing Needs For Your Business

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin04 April 2014

Many times it can be easy to look at a project in a singular view – meaning if you want to promote a new training DVD, you will look for DVD duplication or DVD replication services in Orange County. However, this may not be the most business efficient, cost effective way of going about your business’ needs. For example, those training DVDs that you need rushed, may be best served when looking for a DVD replication company but if this is a first in a series, you will also benefit in your own DVD duplication tower or potentially DVD automated duplicators. If you have small or large projects that are upcoming, blank media services in Orange County may also help your business needs. These are just basic ways in which you should think about expanding your business to ensure you are saving where you can be and thinking long term.

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The Basics of the Disc Duplication Process

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin01 April 2014

Disc duplication is defined as the process of producing discs via methods that involve burning blank CD, DVD, or other discs. GotMedia offers a wide variety of tower duplicators and automated duplicators in Orange County for the leading brands in the industry. Once the video, audio, or other data is stored in to the proper logical volume format, it is then recorded or burned onto an optical disc, typically a compact disc or DVD. This type of process is done when you are burning your own audio or files to a blank media disc in your home office or small business.

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