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LA Kings Game Day Footage – Capture The Moment

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin05 February 2014

Do you ever attend your child’s soccer game or high school basketball game and he or she makes that winning shot to score the big one for his or her team? Or perhaps your child just made a flub on the court – but you still want to capture that moment. Those moments don’t come back, once it is gone it is gone. Still photos don’t necessarily capture the excitement of the game and you can’t see your child in real action. That is where DVD duplication comes into play. For these scenarios, a manual tower duplicator in Orange County is the most suitable option for your needs.

However, think if you are a player a part of the LA Kings, the award winning, championship winning team for the Los Angeles area. You’ll want to capture each and every second of the game, from several different angles. You will likely want to keep this for historical purposes but also for training purposes for future teams. For these purposes, a larger more automated duplicator in Los Angeles is most likely what you are looking for.

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Be Careful for Fake Merchandise

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin03 February 2014

The CD and DVD industry is well known throughout many communities for duplicating fake, unlawful content. We want to ensure that all of our CD and DVD Duplicators in Orange County are used in a manner in which it was intended for; whether that is for duplicating CDs for a musician or musical group and selling this original content, or or providing DVD duplications for training materials to provide all of your employees a digital version of an employee handbook, always make sure that you follow guidelines and ethical conduct.

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