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Slow Blu-Ray Sales in 2013

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin27 January 2014

Recently there was a report stating that there is softness in blu-ray sales from 2013 vs the sales records in 2012. As technology continues to advance with more and more options for consumers to purchase their disc media in Orange County and beyond, blu-ray may not always be the first option for recording or viewing material. While you may not quite need the quality of blu-ray, you may be interested in blank media discs from a local Orange County company, that can help you make the right disc choices for your needs. Often times consumers will need blank media from a highly reputable manufacturer over the high quality of blu-ray. There are several high-end manufacturers in this space that can help with your needs – from the likes of Taiyo Yuden blank media, Verbatim, and Ridata just to name a few.

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Epson Autoprinter Product Review

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin24 January 2014

Many companies offer autoprinters in Orange County but Epson is one of the most reputable that are offered through GotMedia. The DiscProducer has received so many positive reviews since its original debut in 2008 at CES. High marks and positive reviews were given from both the publishing industry and from regular desktop consumers. The professional blank media disc publisher has all the features that you would need for all of your printing needs. The autoprinter is designed to burn and print up to 100 customized discs – whether it is CD or DVDs – on demand, with one set of high-capacity ink cartridges.   

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Valentine’s Day Around the Corner

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin22 January 2014

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, this marks another popular holiday where disc media, replication, duplication may be needed. Many local musicians can create new music and sell their CDs to their fanbase via social media or their musical website. Often times a duplicator in Orange County is all that is needed. There are many manufacturers available on GotMedia that can provide you what you need for a low quantity of discs. We offer Microboards duplicators with free shipping to help our customers in making the right purchases for their needs.

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Product Review: Tower Duplicators At GotMedia

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin17 January 2014

GotMedia provides duplicators from several different manufacturers – some of which include Pioneer duplicators in Orange County and Microboards duplicators in Los Angeles and Orange County. Using standalone towers for DVD and CD duplication needs is extremely user friendly and does not require any training. Ultimately, all the consumer will need to do is pop in the original disc, the blank media disc and voila! The disc will be duplicated. Our prices are extremely competitive and we urge you to let us know if you see a quote that is more affordable than ours; we will certainly do what we can to ensure our customers get the best prices possible! Your happiness and satisfaction is what will keep us going so please do not hesitate to call or contact us. Also, feel free to check our website on a frequent basis as we are always offering new product lines with the latest and greatest!

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Local Needs for High Tech Companies

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin15 January 2014

Being based in Southern California certainly has its advantages. We are in the heart of many high tech companies that may need media duplication services in Orange County. Technology shows such as CES, which just occurred last week, are great channels for all OEMs to be able to promote the latest and greatest in high consumer electronics technologies, but that only happens once a year. Throughout the rest of the year, it’s important for companies to be able to promote their new technology releases in other ways – and this is where companies such as ours can help you.

Do you need to alert the media on your demo reel to showcase your latest product in your product line? This may be an opportunity for you to consider purchasing a disc duplicator in Orange County. It is affordable for those that have a constant stream of new product knowledge to advertise to others. There are several reputable companies that offer affordable, high quality disc duplicators; some of which include Epson Duplicators. Feel free to call us with any of your inquiries!


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Manufacturer Review – Teac Products

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin14 January 2014

Teac is a brand that often times goes under the radar as many more common brands in the disc media space are Verbatim, Ridata, and many more. Teac offers a new auto-publisher printing system, with choices of TEAC 4800dpi color inkjet printing or TEAC color dye-sub thermal. With this new system it is quick and efficient to copy and print up to 220 discs.

Teac color printers in California have high quality, speed and performance. Their products are known for their sharp text and graphics. Both of their color disc printers will tell you how many discs it will print based on the image you have created but it will also intelligently know the difference of the cartridges loaded, to maximize your print quality for your project.

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Samsung Proposes to Use Multi-Layer BluRay Discs

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin13 January 2014

With the closing of CES this past week, Samsung unveiled that they would be using multi-layer bluray discs in their upcoming 4K Ultra High Definition TVs. Virtually all UHD televisions today come with special media players. This, in some ways, creates additional complexity for consumers as not all movies will be ready for this newer technology. Currently, Blu-ray disc services are not suitable for UHD movies because of limited capacity.

Moving forward, Samsung proposes to use more advanced blu-ray media services technology with BDXL standard that supports triple-layer blu-ray discs. This newer technology is something to keep in mind as you purchase discs for future projects.

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DVD Duplication – Duplicate Responsibly

UncategorizedGotMediaAdmin06 January 2014

There have been recent reports where companies and individuals have been duplicating DVDs illegally. Duplication towers and autoprinters in Orange County should only be used for your own marketing, promotional materials – not the promotional materials of others.

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